Saturday, July 19, 2008

Povetkin Easily Defeats Sykes

At the Olimpyskiy Sports Palace in Chekhov, Russia, Alexander Povetkin easily handled Taurus Sykes by 4th round TKO. The 1st round started off slow, and from the 2nd round on, there were many knockdowns. However, all the knockdowns except the final one in the 4th were oddly ruled slips. There was a "slip" at the end of round 2, 2 "slips" that wobbled Sykes in round 3, and finally a knockdown/TKO ath the :48 mark of the fourth round after another of Povetkin’s combos. It was a nice combo, but the punches didn't seem to land clearly which left the announcers explaining that Sykes didn't want to continue and wanted a way out. Sykes now drops to 25-5-1 while Povetkin improves to 16-0-0.

Good job to Povetkin, but when he fights Wladimir, he is going to get destroyed. He has the perfect style for Wladimir Klitschko to exploit. He gets hit easily with rights and isn't going to be fast enough to get in on the towering Ukrainian. His only hope is to tire Wladimir Klitschko by his work ethic. So as long as Wladimir shows up in "shape", Wlad will easily win by KO in this one.

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