Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Haye Talks About Weight At Heavyweight

“I've only just started to get back into serious training and I'm currently at a lean and mean 16 stone 8 pounds (232 lbs; 105 KG). Klitschko was worried that I wouldn't be big enough to face him, but the scales don't lie and I'm well over the 16 stone mark and in great shape already. I'm eating well, living well and doing some serious training. My body fat is at 12 per cent and I'm currently in better shape than the majority of the division even at this early stage.”

“The weight issue is a non-issue so long as you carry the speed, power and athleticism that I'll be entering the heavyweight division with. Being heavy is only an advantage if you know how to use it to your advantage and the other guy lets you. What good is it being 6'6 and 18 stone if you're content to just hug your opponent for 12 rounds and try and poke his eyes out with your left glove? I have the perfect kryptonite for Klitschko's physique. He doesn't need to worry about that."

“I'll be similar in size to Sanders when I box Klitschko and we all know what happened there. Sanders (a pro standard golfer) had to be dragged off the golf course to knock out Klitschko. Can you imagine Lennox Lewis getting chinned by Colin Montgomerie? Sanders even knocked Klitschko out with a golf swing. Sanders had flash backs to being on the last hole at Wentworth and knocked Klitschko out with an approach shot. Imagine what sort of damage Sanders could have done if he threw an actual punch. When my right hand lands Klitschko will be wishing it was a golf club.”

Haye on Klitschko's Performance With Thompson

“It wasn't pretty but Klitschko got the job done and I'm glad he pulled through,” said Haye, currently 21-1 (20 KO). “He finished the fight with a highlight reel knockout and it was the kind of finish that will probably disguise everything that went before it. Let's face it, the fight wasn't a good one for boxing or the heavyweight division. There was no anticipation and no excitement before it - and there was even less after the first round ended.”

Haye On Klitschko As A Boxer

“You can read Klitschko like a very long and very boring Russian novel. Once you've read it once, you won't want to or need to read it again. He grabs, he hugs and he waves his left hand in your face like a blind man. They call Vitali Klitschko ‘Dr. Iron Fist' – well maybe ‘Dr. Limp Wrist' would be more suitable for little Wlad and his weird excuse for a jab.”

Haye On His Eventual Ranking By The WBO

“Get ready to see that queue becoming even shorter when the WBO give me their ranking,”

My Thoughts

Haye has not been tested at heavyweight by anyone significant anytime recently. Ever since moving to heavyweight from cruiserweight, he has not fought one match nor has he even scheduled a fight to take place against anyone. So his performance at heavyweight is a novel itself with no content at all! All there is is a intro on what he's "going" to do. Lets see how much of his speed he carries up to heavyweight when weighing 232. I have a feeling he's going to be much slower...


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