Thursday, December 17, 2009

Haye Camp Denies Klitschko Haye Deal

WBA champion David Haye's camp has recently denied reports by current WBC champion Vitali Klitschko that a preliminary agreement has been made for them to fight in 2010. Haye's trainer and manager Adam Booth had the following to say:

“There is absolutely no agreement in place for David Haye to face Vitali Klitschko next year. We have had no contact with Vitali Klitschko or his team and were surprised to see him make those comments over the weekend. David’s next fight will be against American mandatory (#1)challenger John Ruiz, and that will go ahead in either April or May. It will take place in England and David will need to be at his best to come through that. The Klitschkos are very much on our agenda for 2010, but nothing is set in place and nothing has been agreed or arranged. We haven’t heard anything from the Klitschko camp since David won the WBA title and subsequently strengthened his bargaining position.”

Klitschko: Preliminary Agreement For Fight With Haye Made

Current WBC heavyweight champion Vitali Klitschko has recently stated to a Ukranian newspaper that a preliminary agreement between him and David Haye has been made for a fight to occur in 2010. Here's what Vitali had to say:

"In the near future I plan to fight Haye and take the title. The preliminary agreement has already been reached.."

Klitschko Might Fight Valuev in 2010

WBC champ Vitali Klitschko is looking to fight the WBA champion David Haye next year, but has said that a fight with former WBA champion Nicolai Valuev would still be intriguing and he would start negotiations with him if a deal with Haye can not be reached.

Valuev Quotes

“I wish to fight against Vitali Klitschko. It’ll be an entertaining fight. It’ll be more interesting than when I fought David Haye. The whole fight he just ran from me. Vitali is a great champion. I guarantee it’ll be a big fight. Vitali, I’m ready to fight. Are you?”

Klitschko Quotes

“For me it’s important to meet with David Haye so the Klitschko brothers can get all the world champion belts, but a fight against Nikolay Valuev would be interesting to millions of boxing fans. But if Haye continues to duck me, my team will begin negotiations for a fight against Valuev in 2010.”


Monday, December 14, 2009

Klitschko and Haye Talk On Potential Fight

Current WBC champion Vitali Klitschko and the newly crowned WBA heavyweight champion David Haye discuss a potential match in the future between them in this video which took place after the last Saturday's fight in which Vitali easily defeated Kevin Johnson by unanimous decision.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Klitschko vs Johnson Post Fight Analysis

This is my post fight thoughts for last Saturday's WBC championship fight between WBC champ Vitali Klitschko and undefeated American contender Kevin Johnson.

Ok, for all the talk that Johnson did before the fight on how he was going to knock out Vitali around 7 to 9 rounds he certainly accomplished the complete opposite of what he was saying he was going to do.

Kevin Johnson's mindset the whole fight was "I don't care if I lose I just want to make Vitali miss and last 12 rounds". That sums up the fight right there. Johnson hardly mounted an attack. He did hit Vitali a couple times. But, most of the power from these punches was from Vitali getting upset at Johnson's antics in the ring, and from loosening up a bit on his defense while coming in.

I think Vitali realized that Johnson might have been trying to bait him for a powerful counter, but he knew that he was winning on points easily so didn't press the action to fall in that trap. I think Johnson is very cowardly in how he fought, and was very immature on how he acted after the fight had ended. If Johnson never fights again, that would be fine by me.

I think if Vitali would have trained for the type of fighter we saw tonight we would have seen a different story. He would have exploited those positions Johnson kept getting himself into where he basically was hiding his body and just showing the back of his head. To me I think the ref should have counted off on this. This is not too far away from an opponent turning his back in a fight. Vitali got a verbal warning for hitting Johnson on the back of the head at one point, but I think if a fighter purposely puts himself in that position then he shouldn't be surprised to be hit in the back of the head. If the ref is going to give a warning then he should give the opponent a warning for putting himself in that position.

Oh, and I also think it would have been sweet if Wladimir would have knocked out Johnson when he pulled his little stunt at the end of the fight.

Johnson should be embarrassed on the way he fought, and if anyone praises him it must be so they can have a little bit of his last big paycheck he made Saturday night.

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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Klitschko vs Johnson Full Fight Video

This is the full fight video for the WBC heavyweight championship between WBC champ Vitali Klitschko and undefeated American heavyweight Kevin Johnson from Saturday, December 12th at the PostFinance Arena in Berne, Switzerland. The commentary is in German...

Klitschko Johnson Part 1

Ring entrance, introductions, and rounds 1 through 3

Klitschko Johnson Part 2

Rounds 3 through 6..

Klitschko Johnson Part 3

Rounds 6 through 9...

Klitschko Johnson Part 4

*Rounds 9 through 12, decision, and post fight..

*Post fight

Klitschko Wins Unanimous Decision Over Johnson

Tonight, WBC champion Vitali Klitschko retained his title with a unanimous decision over former unbeaten American heavyweight Kevin Johnson. Johnson throughout the fight put up little more than a defensive fight where he tried to make Vitali miss, but put up little offense of his own. Vitali got better and better landing as the fight went on. Johnson became only the second fighter to go the full twelve with Vitali, the other being Timo Hoffmann. In my opinion, Johnson did not win a single round, and judges scorecards read: 120-108, 120-108, 119-109. More information to come!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Klitschko Johnson Weigh-In

Today was the weigh in for the WBC heavyweight championship fight this Saturday between current WBC champ Vitali Klitschko and unbeaten American prospect Kevin Johnson. Vitali Klitschko weighed in at 246.9 lbs (112 kg) while Johnson weighed in at 242.5 lbs (110 kg). The fight will take place in Berne, Switzerland at the PostFinance Arena.

Klitscho Johnson Weigh-in Video

Klitschko Johnson Stare Down

For pics of the weigh in you can go here, and here.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Klitschko Johnson Open Workout

Today was the open workout of WBC champ Vitali Klitschko and undefeated American heavyweight contender Kevin Johnson at the Westside Mall in Bern, Switzerland ahead of their WBC heavyweight championship fight this Saturday, December 12th. Both fighters looked in good shape ahead of their duel.

For pictures you can go here and here, and for a video(in German) of the public workout you can go here.

Here's another video of both Johnson and Klitschko in the public workout preparing for their fight this Saturday...

Klitschko vs Chambers Is On!

It's been confirmed. IBF/WBO/IBO heavyweight champion Wladimir "Steelhammer" Klitschko 53-3(37) will defend his titles against top rated American contender and the WBO #1 mandatory challenger "Fast" Eddie Chambers 35-1(18) on March 20th at a yet to be named location in Germany.

Eddie Chambers received his mandatory status after defeating Alexander Dimitrenko in a fight Alexander assumed was just a tune-up fight for himself to face Wladimir Klitschko(he himself was the WBO mandatory). However, Chambers had other plans and defeated Dimitrenko in a remarkable fashion. Much of his win is credited to Chambers new dedication to his fitness regimen in which he came in at a very slim 208 and 1/4th lbs.

Wladimir's last fight was last June when he defeated the WBA champion in recess Ruslan Chagaev easily. This was a late replacement for David Haye who pulled out of the fight at the last minute. Klitschko has reportedly already started training back in November in preparation to the Chambers fight. Stay tuned for more information.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Kevin Johnson Diary Entry 6

This is the latest Kevin "Kingpin" Johnson diary entry as he enters his last day of training ahead of this Saturdays championship fight against WBC heavyweight champ Vitali Klitschko in Berne,

“Today was a big day here in Berne for me. Started it with my last day of sparring. I was sharp, crisp, focused and in a good place, my body is reacting exactly the way that I need it to so I am good to go.

“I am in the best shape of my life. I had my press conference with Vitali today and got a chance to see him face to face one more time before the weigh-in on Friday.

“He seemed to be in a good mood but all of that is going to change on Saturday when I take the WBC title from him. Its all business from here on out.

“We kept it cool at the presser. No theatrics, no threats just business. We’re both professionals. Nothing personal. I’m focused and ready to shock the world. I made the final arrangements for my friends and family that has come to watch the fight because after today, I won’t have any contact with anyone other than my team. I am in a zone and I plan on staying that way until I accomplish my goal of becoming the next heavyweight champion of the world.

“I know what the naysayers say about my chances but I also know that nobody ever sees the big upsets. They always catch everyone by surprise and come Saturday, they won’t see the Kingpin come in, but they will sure as hell see me when I leave. Too all my fans back in the U.S, especially Atlanta and Asbury Park, pay attention, keep your eyes glued to the TV and watch me do what I do.”


Klitschko vs Johnson Prediction

This is my prediction for the upcoming WBC heavyweight championship fight this Saturday, December 12th in Berne, Switzerland between current WBC heavyweight champ "Dr. Ironfist" Vitali Klitschko (38-2, 37 KOs) and American undefeated heavyweight Kevin "Kingpin" Johnson (22-0-1, 9 KOs).

I think the easiest way to think of this fight is how much of a problem do you think Kevin Johnson is going to be if Vitali was more than willing to choose Johnson as a voluntary defense after only 3 months after disposing of the undefeated American Chris Arreola?

Obviously, he does not think too highly of him as a serious threat. Kevin Johnson seems to think highly of himself though. According to him he thinks he's the next Mohammed Ali. He seems to think he's extremely fast, can't be touched, or hit, etc. But, if you look at his fights, he is NOT that fast. He has good speed with his HANDS, but his footwork is really pretty slow. This is what will be his downfall. Yes, Johnson does have a longer reach in this fight, but Vitali is much taller and is good at not only keeping the distance but keeping out of range with his body. Johnson will need to hit UP to hit Vitali in the face which will take away from his reach.

The other factors are obvious. Vitali has way more experience in general and way more experience in championship fights and against top contenders. I think Johnson's best win was against Devin Vargas who only had a week notice but still did a good job against Johnson and lasted 6 rounds, and Vargas is a pretty small heavyweight. I guarantee if he had more time he would have beaten Johnson.

Vitali will stay at a proper distance easily because he will have the superior footwork, and Johnson will not be able to hurt Klitschko nor will he be able to land the proper combos. The only thing in question in this fight is when will Klitschko win. It will depend on whether Johnson will run or not. I say he will stick and move. At least he will try to, and the fight will probablly last until around round 9. I'd say Vitali Klitschko by TKO/KO (Johnson's chin is in question. I don't know how good it is) in round 9. That's my prediction. What do you say?

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Monday, December 7, 2009

Klitschko vs Johnson Officials

It is now known who will be the acting referee and judges for the WBC heavyweight championship fight this Saturday in Berne, Switzerland between current WBC heavyweight boxing champion Vitali Klitschko and undefeated American heavyweight Kevin Johnson.

Referee: Kenny Bayless (USA)

Judges: Omar Mintun (Mexico), Guido Cavalleri (Italy) and Fabian Kaj Guggenheim (Switzerland).

Valuev Predicts Klitschko KO Over Johnson

Former WBA heavyweight champion Nicolai Valuev has recently stated that he believes Vitali will easily dispose of the American heavyweight contender Kevin Johnson when they meet this Saturday in Berne, Switzerland. Here's what Valuev had to say:

“When I was preparing for the bout with Monte Barrett I worked with Johnson in Chicago. After that he came to Germany to spar with me. To tell you the truth, the American is nothing special as a boxer. We worked with him only because of his speed – he has fast left hand."

“I think that Klitschko will win by a knockout, and a clean one, not technical. Though I won’t predict in which round. Of course I will cheer for Vitali. Why do I have to support Johnson?"

Valuev also thinks that even though he has no belt a fight between him and one of the Klitschko's would still be lucrative...

“Now the most painful issue for the Klitschko brothers is gone - the financial question. I've lost my title, though I don't think that I lost to David Haye. But that happened and now I’m not in the place to dictate financial conditions. But I think that it’s undeniable fact that my bout with Klitschko is still the most desired fight for the post-Soviet countries


Klitschko Johnson Fight Week Press Conference

Today, there was a press conference in Berne, Switzerland ahead of this Saturday's WBC heavyweight championship fight between current WBC heavyweight champ "Dr. Ironfist" Vitali Klitschko (38-2, 37 KOs) and undefeated American heavyweight hopeful Kevin "Kingpin" Johnson (22-0-1, 9 KOs).

In the press conference Kevin Johnson seemed very confident and told Vitali that the only people that could have prepared him for what he is about to face would have been Muhammed Ali and Larry Holmes.

Here's a link to part of the Klitschko vs Johnson press conference here.

Kevin Johnson Quotes

"Thank you i like to thank god 1st for put everything together; putting this fight into proper (inspection?). For me, I thought my toughest fight would actually not be this fight. I remember when I was down in Florida. I was coming from the Dominican Republic and I stopped and I seen Lennox Lewis in the airport, and I walked up to Lennox Lewis and I told Lennox I said do you know who I am? He said you look familiar. So, I went on to tell who I am. He said I heard about you. I told him: I say you're my biggest test. My dream is to fight you . You're the best heavyweight in the world and most dominant heavyweight in the world.

About a couple months ago me and Lennox enjoyed a ride and I asked him a couple questions about the fight with Viatli. How difficult was he? And in his mind he came up with the same answer I came up with: It's not difficult breaking down a robot. It's difficult building up one. My whole life I broken down a lot of things but I never rebuilt it. I can tear down anything. The easiest thing a man can do is tear down anything. The hardest thing another man can do is build up something else.

This is no problem for me. This is not a test nor a task. I've done this all my life. Me being the best boxer from the United States, that's just not being the best boxer. I've been blessed with 3 things that no man can ever beat. I'm standing here undefeated because those 3 things are so dominant. Nobody can ever stop me, nobody can ever touch me if i don't want to get touched, nobody can ever hit me if don't want to get hit. Nobody can ever outbox me. Why? Because I'm too superb. 20 years experience. Very superb. It's a difference. I got something that he don't got. Because when I walk away a winner December, 12th you'll know the things that i have. The whole world will be shocked, because nobody is expecting this. Nobody is expecting a 22 and 0 kid to destroy this guy the way I am going to destroy him. If the bout makes 10 rounds, if it makes 10 rounds; that's a big if, I don't think this bout will make even 9 rounds. I don't like to make predictions. I will say 9 rounds.

He's not ready. How do I know he's not ready. Cuz there's only 2 people in this whole world that can get him ready to fight me and no neither one of them was there to help. that was
Mohammed Ali and Larry Holmes, and if you didn't train(pointing at Vitali) with Mohammed Ali and Larry Holmes you hurt yourself. You're in good shape probably, but you're not ready for me. 1 thing. If you get that ring you better ride(?) it."

Vitali Klitschko Quotes

“You should give me ten percent of your purse, so that I can pay the doctor’s bills for you after the fight.”

Fritz Sdunek Quotes

“Vitali has gone more than 100 sparring rounds in preparation. He’s physically and mentally in top form. If Kevin Johnson does what he promises, at least the fight will go the full twelve rounds.”

Ok, am I the only one who thinks what Johnson said was a little strange Building up a robot? What exactly does that mean. Is he suggesting that he has to get himself motivated in this fight to pretend Vitali is good so he doesn't slack? That's the only thing I can think of. If that's true, who exactly would he get himself motivated to fight in the heavyweight division if he has to "build up" Vitali. Strange. Sounds like he's trying to make himself believe he is good enough to face Vitali.

Also, Mohammed Ali helping Vitali train for this fight? Is he serious? Funny stuff there. Your thoughts?

Kevin Johnson Diary Entry 5

This is last Friday's diary ongoing diary entry by Kevin "Kingpin" Johnson as he prepares to take on the WBC champion Vitali Klitschko this Saturday, December 12th in Berne, Switzerland.

“It’s Friday here in Switzerland and things are starting to heat up. I try to leave the politics too my management team but I’m starting to get a little annoyed. Although the champ is supposed to be a heavy favorite over me, he seems to be trying to gain every advantage he can over me for this fight in and outside of the ring.

“From the announcement of today’s judges, to the selection of the ring size and rumors that I here from his sparring partner about some dirty tricks that he likes to engage in during fights, it looks like I’m going to have to be on my Ps & Qs for this fight.

“Dr. Frankenstein is trying to win this thing by hook or by crook. I’m definitely going to have someone in his dressing room checking his gloves closely.

Today was film day form me. Watched some more film of Dr. Frankenstein to make sure that I had my bases covered in terms of preparing for whatever. I’m so excited about my game plan for this fight that I can barely sit still. This guy has gotten by on sheer size his whole career. He’s not as skillful as people think he is. After watching film, I got in another 6K run. The brisk Bern air is enough to wake the dead. Met some more fans and signed more autographs after my run. Never knew I had so many fans in Switzerland. Maybe Ill run for mayor of Bern after the fight.

“I shadowboxed for 45 mins but no sparring today. I didn’t want to overdo it. Got a chance to check out the arena today for the first time. Wow, there’s going to be a lot of disappointed Vitali fans filling this arena.”


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