Monday, December 14, 2009

Klitschko and Haye Talk On Potential Fight

Current WBC champion Vitali Klitschko and the newly crowned WBA heavyweight champion David Haye discuss a potential match in the future between them in this video which took place after the last Saturday's fight in which Vitali easily defeated Kevin Johnson by unanimous decision.


  1. I like the part where haye says they havn't fought anybody like like who he fought last fight. Like Valuev was the best there is out there.

    I personally would rather Wladimir fight Haye first . I don't think the chin factor that everybody mentions will be a problem. and Wlaidimir is just to fast and powerful then I think haye gives him credit for.. I would really hate to see a Vitali fight with him where Hyae danced around for 12 rounds pot shoting Vitali. Cause if he was scared of Valuev I can only imagine what he thinks about Vitali.

  2. you've obviously not watched Haye have you? oh what a shock you're in for

  3. Actually I have seen plenty of Haye's fights, and it wouldn't take much of anyone's time to follow his heavyweight career with 3 fights. What shock would I be in for? You think his sub par performances against Valuev(which Holyfield did a better job) and Barrett says anything that would spark trouble for any Klitschko? You need a reality check. Just be there to watch YOUR 1st REAL heavyweight fight when he fights a KLitschko. ;) good day!


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