Sunday, December 13, 2009

Klitschko vs Johnson Post Fight Analysis

This is my post fight thoughts for last Saturday's WBC championship fight between WBC champ Vitali Klitschko and undefeated American contender Kevin Johnson.

Ok, for all the talk that Johnson did before the fight on how he was going to knock out Vitali around 7 to 9 rounds he certainly accomplished the complete opposite of what he was saying he was going to do.

Kevin Johnson's mindset the whole fight was "I don't care if I lose I just want to make Vitali miss and last 12 rounds". That sums up the fight right there. Johnson hardly mounted an attack. He did hit Vitali a couple times. But, most of the power from these punches was from Vitali getting upset at Johnson's antics in the ring, and from loosening up a bit on his defense while coming in.

I think Vitali realized that Johnson might have been trying to bait him for a powerful counter, but he knew that he was winning on points easily so didn't press the action to fall in that trap. I think Johnson is very cowardly in how he fought, and was very immature on how he acted after the fight had ended. If Johnson never fights again, that would be fine by me.

I think if Vitali would have trained for the type of fighter we saw tonight we would have seen a different story. He would have exploited those positions Johnson kept getting himself into where he basically was hiding his body and just showing the back of his head. To me I think the ref should have counted off on this. This is not too far away from an opponent turning his back in a fight. Vitali got a verbal warning for hitting Johnson on the back of the head at one point, but I think if a fighter purposely puts himself in that position then he shouldn't be surprised to be hit in the back of the head. If the ref is going to give a warning then he should give the opponent a warning for putting himself in that position.

Oh, and I also think it would have been sweet if Wladimir would have knocked out Johnson when he pulled his little stunt at the end of the fight.

Johnson should be embarrassed on the way he fought, and if anyone praises him it must be so they can have a little bit of his last big paycheck he made Saturday night.

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  1. Congrats to Vitali on another easy win..And to Johnson.... go have a sex change and your transformation into a real pussy will be complete.. I hope you never get any of your future so called fights on TV. and never make any more decent money after that embarrassing performance. That shit actually made me embarrassed to be an American and from NJ where he is located. That coconut head is so stupid he was actually talking shit to Vitali after clearly losing every single round. Congratulations Kevin Johnson you essentially pulled of a Sultan Ibragimov.. Don't try to compare you accomplishment of not getting knocked out to "Ragging Bull" (Jake La Motta vs Sugar Ray Robinson).That shit only works when you trade punches and not leaning against the ropes a bending over like your about to suck Vitali's dick. Which it looked like you were trying to get a peak of during the weigh in. I hope you lost all your fans here in America and stay in Switzerland. And just so you can see the difference a little better. Arreloa lost to Vitali by TKO in the 10th where he might very well have been able to finish the fight clearly losing every round. Yet he actually was able to build upon his fan _base_ because of his effort ,heart, and raw emotion something you clearly lack.

    But I guess Johnson will have the last laugh cause he ruined Vitali's KO% and my pleasure of watching replays of the Brothers fightsI was so excited to see Vitali back in the ring within 3 months only to now have to place this tape by the Ibragimov fight and never watch again(Except the 12th round when Vitali raises his hand and punches you in the face)

    Funny thing after seeing the first 2 rounds I turned to my brother and said" He didn't come to fight he's just trying not to get KO"


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