Monday, December 7, 2009

Valuev Predicts Klitschko KO Over Johnson

Former WBA heavyweight champion Nicolai Valuev has recently stated that he believes Vitali will easily dispose of the American heavyweight contender Kevin Johnson when they meet this Saturday in Berne, Switzerland. Here's what Valuev had to say:

“When I was preparing for the bout with Monte Barrett I worked with Johnson in Chicago. After that he came to Germany to spar with me. To tell you the truth, the American is nothing special as a boxer. We worked with him only because of his speed – he has fast left hand."

“I think that Klitschko will win by a knockout, and a clean one, not technical. Though I won’t predict in which round. Of course I will cheer for Vitali. Why do I have to support Johnson?"

Valuev also thinks that even though he has no belt a fight between him and one of the Klitschko's would still be lucrative...

“Now the most painful issue for the Klitschko brothers is gone - the financial question. I've lost my title, though I don't think that I lost to David Haye. But that happened and now I’m not in the place to dictate financial conditions. But I think that it’s undeniable fact that my bout with Klitschko is still the most desired fight for the post-Soviet countries


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