Monday, December 7, 2009

Klitschko Johnson Fight Week Press Conference

Today, there was a press conference in Berne, Switzerland ahead of this Saturday's WBC heavyweight championship fight between current WBC heavyweight champ "Dr. Ironfist" Vitali Klitschko (38-2, 37 KOs) and undefeated American heavyweight hopeful Kevin "Kingpin" Johnson (22-0-1, 9 KOs).

In the press conference Kevin Johnson seemed very confident and told Vitali that the only people that could have prepared him for what he is about to face would have been Muhammed Ali and Larry Holmes.

Here's a link to part of the Klitschko vs Johnson press conference here.

Kevin Johnson Quotes

"Thank you i like to thank god 1st for put everything together; putting this fight into proper (inspection?). For me, I thought my toughest fight would actually not be this fight. I remember when I was down in Florida. I was coming from the Dominican Republic and I stopped and I seen Lennox Lewis in the airport, and I walked up to Lennox Lewis and I told Lennox I said do you know who I am? He said you look familiar. So, I went on to tell who I am. He said I heard about you. I told him: I say you're my biggest test. My dream is to fight you . You're the best heavyweight in the world and most dominant heavyweight in the world.

About a couple months ago me and Lennox enjoyed a ride and I asked him a couple questions about the fight with Viatli. How difficult was he? And in his mind he came up with the same answer I came up with: It's not difficult breaking down a robot. It's difficult building up one. My whole life I broken down a lot of things but I never rebuilt it. I can tear down anything. The easiest thing a man can do is tear down anything. The hardest thing another man can do is build up something else.

This is no problem for me. This is not a test nor a task. I've done this all my life. Me being the best boxer from the United States, that's just not being the best boxer. I've been blessed with 3 things that no man can ever beat. I'm standing here undefeated because those 3 things are so dominant. Nobody can ever stop me, nobody can ever touch me if i don't want to get touched, nobody can ever hit me if don't want to get hit. Nobody can ever outbox me. Why? Because I'm too superb. 20 years experience. Very superb. It's a difference. I got something that he don't got. Because when I walk away a winner December, 12th you'll know the things that i have. The whole world will be shocked, because nobody is expecting this. Nobody is expecting a 22 and 0 kid to destroy this guy the way I am going to destroy him. If the bout makes 10 rounds, if it makes 10 rounds; that's a big if, I don't think this bout will make even 9 rounds. I don't like to make predictions. I will say 9 rounds.

He's not ready. How do I know he's not ready. Cuz there's only 2 people in this whole world that can get him ready to fight me and no neither one of them was there to help. that was
Mohammed Ali and Larry Holmes, and if you didn't train(pointing at Vitali) with Mohammed Ali and Larry Holmes you hurt yourself. You're in good shape probably, but you're not ready for me. 1 thing. If you get that ring you better ride(?) it."

Vitali Klitschko Quotes

“You should give me ten percent of your purse, so that I can pay the doctor’s bills for you after the fight.”

Fritz Sdunek Quotes

“Vitali has gone more than 100 sparring rounds in preparation. He’s physically and mentally in top form. If Kevin Johnson does what he promises, at least the fight will go the full twelve rounds.”

Ok, am I the only one who thinks what Johnson said was a little strange Building up a robot? What exactly does that mean. Is he suggesting that he has to get himself motivated in this fight to pretend Vitali is good so he doesn't slack? That's the only thing I can think of. If that's true, who exactly would he get himself motivated to fight in the heavyweight division if he has to "build up" Vitali. Strange. Sounds like he's trying to make himself believe he is good enough to face Vitali.

Also, Mohammed Ali helping Vitali train for this fight? Is he serious? Funny stuff there. Your thoughts?


  1. Kfan I couldn't follow this incoherent mouth months ago how could that change now. Sounds like he try's to have a prepared speech but always gets drunk before delivering it; and it gets all jumbled up in his mind. I like this quote "My whole life I broken down a lot of things but I never rebuilt it. I can tear down anything. The easiest thing a man can do is tear down anything. The hardest thing another man can do is build up something else."

    So is he saying he has down nothing special cause anybody could tear something down. And Hasn't Vitali built his record, career and legacy very nicely. Which in his words is the hardest thing a man can do. I have no Idea.
    I really do expect a huge KO win pretty early or at worst 5-7rds(if Johnson pulls a Haye and runs)to send a message to David Gaye that he might want to wait a couple more years and hope Vitali's body, and skills eventually breaks down

  2. Ya that could be it, or he's trying to sound good but doesn't know quite how to say it. lol Who knows. I think the guy is either delusional or he is trying to brag himself in his mind thinking that might intimidate Klitschko and/or make him more confident.


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