Saturday, December 12, 2009

Klitschko Wins Unanimous Decision Over Johnson

Tonight, WBC champion Vitali Klitschko retained his title with a unanimous decision over former unbeaten American heavyweight Kevin Johnson. Johnson throughout the fight put up little more than a defensive fight where he tried to make Vitali miss, but put up little offense of his own. Vitali got better and better landing as the fight went on. Johnson became only the second fighter to go the full twelve with Vitali, the other being Timo Hoffmann. In my opinion, Johnson did not win a single round, and judges scorecards read: 120-108, 120-108, 119-109. More information to come!

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    is the last round. poor quality of video with no sound. but it's still funny to see Vitali lifting his arm. and here's a still from it ..LMFAO..;_ylt=AqGB6FcFkpIer3ozrmPSZOCUxLYF?slug=685a48b9de40e05d54e5bda7d472201d-getty-94278115ah028_vitali_klitsc&prov=getty

    Still so angry i can't even compose an article or post for myself at the other place.


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