Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Klitschko vs Johnson Prediction

This is my prediction for the upcoming WBC heavyweight championship fight this Saturday, December 12th in Berne, Switzerland between current WBC heavyweight champ "Dr. Ironfist" Vitali Klitschko (38-2, 37 KOs) and American undefeated heavyweight Kevin "Kingpin" Johnson (22-0-1, 9 KOs).

I think the easiest way to think of this fight is how much of a problem do you think Kevin Johnson is going to be if Vitali was more than willing to choose Johnson as a voluntary defense after only 3 months after disposing of the undefeated American Chris Arreola?

Obviously, he does not think too highly of him as a serious threat. Kevin Johnson seems to think highly of himself though. According to him he thinks he's the next Mohammed Ali. He seems to think he's extremely fast, can't be touched, or hit, etc. But, if you look at his fights, he is NOT that fast. He has good speed with his HANDS, but his footwork is really pretty slow. This is what will be his downfall. Yes, Johnson does have a longer reach in this fight, but Vitali is much taller and is good at not only keeping the distance but keeping out of range with his body. Johnson will need to hit UP to hit Vitali in the face which will take away from his reach.

The other factors are obvious. Vitali has way more experience in general and way more experience in championship fights and against top contenders. I think Johnson's best win was against Devin Vargas who only had a week notice but still did a good job against Johnson and lasted 6 rounds, and Vargas is a pretty small heavyweight. I guarantee if he had more time he would have beaten Johnson.

Vitali will stay at a proper distance easily because he will have the superior footwork, and Johnson will not be able to hurt Klitschko nor will he be able to land the proper combos. The only thing in question in this fight is when will Klitschko win. It will depend on whether Johnson will run or not. I say he will stick and move. At least he will try to, and the fight will probablly last until around round 9. I'd say Vitali Klitschko by TKO/KO (Johnson's chin is in question. I don't know how good it is) in round 9. That's my prediction. What do you say?

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