Friday, July 4, 2008

Harrison's Former Trainer Thinks Harrison Can Beat Klitschko

Audley Harrison's former trainer Thell Torrance has recently said that he believes Audley has the tools to beat #1 World Heavyweight Wladimir Klitschko. Audley will face the winner of the prizefighter tournament Martin Rogan on July 19th in a 10 round, non title affair at the Aston Events Centre.

"I don't work with him any more, but I still think Audley Harrison might have the best chance of anyone to beat Klitschko.

"He's got all the fundamentals in place and he's a southpaw too, which is something Klitschko does not like to face."

Yeah Audley has the tools to beat Klitschko just like a kangaroo has the tools to beat Gary Kasparov in chess --- the pawns, rooks, bishops, king, queen---. Unfortunantly its how you use those tools, just like in chess. Audley has come up short on every chance he's had in the past in using his "tools". Also, for the record Klitschko doesn't have a problem with southpaws. Most notably he's beaten Byrd twice(championship fights) and Ibragimov easily for the WBO championship. He's only lost to 1 southpaw Corrie Sanders, but Wladimir has learned alot since that loss.


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