Friday, July 11, 2008

Klitschko Looking For Early KO Against Thompson

This Saturday July 12th, IBO/IBF/WBO heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko & WBO mandatory Tony Thompson will face each other in the ring. Even though Wladimir got another strap around his waist this last February when he defeated former WBO heavyweight champion Sultan Ibragimov, a lot of people were disappointed with his victory and Wladimir seems to be set on making an early night when he faces Thompson this Saturday.

Klitschko On Early KO

"I will try to end this fight as soon as possible. It is my goal to win as clearly as possible. And that means early and by KO."

Klitschko On Fighting Again In Hamburg

"It is great to be back in Hamburg. I have so many wonderful memories and after Kiev this city is my second home."

Steward About Thompson's Confidence

"You have to hit him hard quickly so that he loses his confidence," Steward told Sportbild magazine. He needs to realise that he is in the ring with a boxer from a different league. Thompson believes after Krasniqi he can now beat up the second guy in Germany. That is why the first round is so important. Thompson needs to panic."

I believe that Wladimir will go for an early KO, and with Thompson being confident and saying he'll stand toe to toe with Wladimir, this might very well be a short night for Thompson.....



  1. Hey, I live Blogged the fight if you're interested. Tell me if you agree?

  2. I'm sorry "Tell me if you agree?"? What do you mean by this?


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