Friday, September 19, 2008

Vladimir Virchis Q & A

Fighting for the WBC heavyweight eliminator this September 27th against Juan Carlos Gomez, Vladimir Virchis recently answered a few questions:

How is your conditioning?

I feel great. I'm fit as ever and highly motivated. This is the result of more than nine weeks of hard work with my coach Conny Mittermeier.

How do you assess Juan Carlos Gomez?

I have respect for all of my opponents. The only important thing for me that I neither underestimate or overestimate them.

Where does the nickname "The Hunter" come from?

I was once hunting with a few friends in the Ukraine. When we standing together in a group, I held my gun with the barrel down. Suddenly a shot accidentally fired and splinters of the bullet unfortunately slightly injured some bystanders. Since then I've never hunted, but soon after I had the nickname "The Hunter."

The fight on Saturday is a heavyweight eliminator and the winner will fight for the WBC world championship belt against the winner between Samuel Peter and Vitali Klitschko - is this your big chance?

Yes, of course, I can beat both of them. But first on September 27th is the biggest and most important fight of my career against the "Black Panther." And logically, "the Hunter" will bring down "The "Panther." Quite simply I'll knock him out!


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