Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Ruiz Claims Corruption In Valuev Rematch

It looks like John "The Quietman" Ruiz isn't being quiet about his opinion that there was corruption involved in his rematch for the WBA heavyweight title against "The Beast From The East" Nicolai Valuev. Some of the reasons he believes that the fight was corrupt are the following:

1) Judge Takeshi Shimakawa improperly kept a running score during the fight, which is prohibited by the WBA.
2) Ruiz was not credited with a knockdown in the second round (which was ruled a slip).
3) Judge Antonio Requena scored two rounds even, despite WBA instructions that there should be no even rounds scored in championship bouts. Team Ruiz is also demanding a full videotape of Valuev-Ruiz II to further review for evidence of alleged corrupt practices.

Ruiz Quotes

"The WBA needs to resolve this matter as quickly as possible. Non-officials are not allowed to handle or read scorecards during the fight. Valuev should be stripped and a rematch ordered."


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