Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Haye Most Likely To Face Chapman In November

Haye's manager David Booth has recently stated that the planned 1st opponent Kevin "Kingpin" Johnson asked for too much money and will not be the 1st opponent for David "Hayemaker" Haye in November.

J.D. "The Natural" Chapman was supposed to be the next opponent for Haye on November 15th, but didn't show up at a news press conference so it was assumed that he pulled out as well. This would have made 3 total fighters who have backed out of a potential clash with David Haye in recent days.

But, according to promoter Richard Schaefer the fight should still go through. This is what Schaefer said:

"I have a pretty good feeling that J.D Chapman will accept the fight. I've spoke to his people. I'm pretty confident J.D Chapman will show up on November 15th."

Haye Quotes

"He comes to brawl[Chapman]. I haven't seen his fights but I liked the sound of him. He hadn't fought anyone but he had never been knocked down. I love the thought of fighting a guy who is the same size as [Wladimir] Klitschko. I hope we can shame him out of his hole and he'll come and fight."

David Booth Quotes

"He didn't get on the flight. He said, 'I'm not coming to England to get knocked out.' This after agreeing a substantial amount of money. He is the third opponent in four days to agree terms and then to pull out. These opponents are running away from a supposedly chinny cruiserweight. Hopefully his balls will drop again and he will take the fight. We've got three more [names]. I'm not telling you who. There is some strategic interference going on. This is boxing. I'm not going to mention their names because I'm hoping they will come back to me. We went after Kevin Johnson but he over-negotiated his position."

Whoever Dave chooses he better get the fight set up quick if he wants to have a November 15th fight. Hopefully it ends up being Kevin Johnson, because that to me would be a better fight than an untested Chapman.


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