Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Kevin Kingpin Johnson Training

This is a video showing Kevin "Kingpin" Johnson training. He seems pretty charismatic and would make and interesting fight with David Haye if nothing else on the verbal level leading up to the actual fight on November 15th. Kevin is ranked #15 by the WBC, not ranked at the top by the IBF, WBO, or RING rankings, and #7 by the WBA.

He seems to have pretty good skills from this video and from his record of 20 wins (KO 7) + 0 losses (KO 0) + 1 draw = 21. He stands 6'3" tall and his last fight was in May against Bruce Seldon which he won via 5th round TKO. So he should be in shape.

I think this would make the ideal opponent for David Haye in November on so many different levels. But will this fight go through or will David take J.D. Chapman or someone else instead? If Haye is looking for someone with a better ranking then he'll go with J.D Chapman, but I think Johnson would make a better hyped fight, which is what Haye wants to showcase his skills to get the draw against Wladimir Klitschko in the future.

Johnson Traning

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