Monday, September 29, 2008

Chauncy Welliver Interview

Fighting against Oliander Solis on the under card of Vitali Klitschko vs. Sam Peter on October 11th, Chauncy Welliver had a few words recently with Craig Hardie:

Craig Hardie: Hey Chauncy, hows things man? It's been just over a month since you captured the New Zealand Heavyweight Title, can you tell us what you have been up lately?

Chauncy Welliver: It felt great winning the New Zealand title, and I look forward to defending it many times. A Kiwis, line up!

CH: I hear you have some big news regarding an upcoming fight, can you tell us a little about it?

CW: I got the big one! I'm fighting Odlanier Solis October 11 on the Sam Peter vs. Vitali Klitschko main support. I feel good about this fight as I have been sparring with Shane Cameron who is one of the best punchers to the body in the division, and that is Solis' main attribute.

CH: Wow fantastic news, It's obviously a massive opportunity for you, a case could be made that Solis is perhaps one of the biggest fights in the division right now, factor in the WBC International title and its a fight that will help shape the current heavyweight landscape do you agree?

CW: Anytime you get 2 fighters willing to take the next step, it's good for the division, good for our sport, and the beauty is, me and Solis are fighters, not boxers, so this is going to be a barnburner!

CH: I know you probably don't want to give to much away, however Solis's strengths are no secret, how do you plan on neutralising these and maximising your own strengths?

CW: He's a great body puncher with fast hands. I'm gonna take away both by smothering him and thinking he might get tired in the later rounds.

CH: Solis has never seen rounds 9 through 12, it would seem obvious you'd want to take him there and test his wind. Having said that, chances are the fight may go the distance, are you worried about the German officials and the fact the fights being staged in Germany, and you may not get a fair deal?

CW: All I can do is my best and hopefully the officials give the right man the win... And that man will be me!

CH: Moving away from the Solis fight just for a second, I know a lot of New Zealand and Australian fans want to know the answer to this. Given your huge following in Australasia, especially New Zealand does it bug you that fighters like Solomon Haumono, John Hopoate, Nathan Briggs etc consistently dodge you?

CW: I don't think they dodge me, I just think they're very smart men in not fighting me. I'm down to fight them, and one day the fights will happen.

CH: Now it would only be right that we get a prediction from you for the Samuel Peter VS Vitali Klitschko fight. Who are you going with and why?

CW: I just think the layoff is too much for Vitali, and Peter will make him quit somewhere along the line with some sort of injury.

CH: With Vitali's return, your fight with Solis, Virchis VS Gomez, Haye VS Barrett, Brewster back in the mix and guys like Arreola, Povetkin, Dimintrenko, Johnson, Platov, Estrada etc coming through and the likes of Toney, Rahman, Maskaev, Chagaev, Golota still on the scene not to mention the current champs W. Klitschko and Valuev, do you think the Heavyweight division may just be starting to heat up again?

CW: I really hope, but even with these fights happening, not many of them are happening in the US where the action is. The new hotspot is Germany, and I'm proud to be in the mix over there now. I hope I get the win her and keep moving forward. I win here pushes me to be one of the big boys in Australasia, and then I will want in on a Kiwi vs. Aussie showdown with Hoppa.

CH: Well its great to see guys like yourself being given such opportunities, without having the multi-million dollar promoters etc we wish you all the best in your upcoming fight with Odlanier Solis any last words for you fans?

CW: This is my first fight where I will be seen and I want to make a statement, so everybody who can, check me out October 11. It's make or break for the "Fat Dorky White Guy"


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