Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Gomez Talks About Upcoming Virchis Fight

This Saturday September 27th there will be a fight between 2 up-and-coming heavyweights: Juan Carlos "The Black Panther" Gomez (43-1, 35 KOs) vs. Vladmir Virchis (24-1, 20 KOs). Here's a few questions and answers from Gomez:

Are you planning on approaching Virchis with a tatical game plan?

Yes. I want to box with intelligence but should the knockout present itself, I will take it.

Being that you started you career at cruiserweight and Virchis has spent his entire career at heavyweight, do you feel you have the power to hurt him?

I believe so. I'm feeling very strong right now and through hard work I've put on some solid muscle mass.

Trainers Orlando Cuellar and Moritz Klatten join in....

Orlando Cuellar: Gomez is one of the most skilled fighters in the heavyweight division. As a cruiserweight he was able to dominate on much smaller targets. Now he has bigger targets to hit. Heavyweights hit harder but are much slower. There is no reason for Gomez not to be successful Saturday night.

Moritz Katten: Gomez is much stronger now than when he was a cruiserweight and his endurance is extremely high for a heavyweight.

Virchis has 20 KOs in his 24 wins. Are you worried about how you will hold up with his power?

I'm very aware of his punching power but at the same time I don't plan on getting hit that often but I will hold my own should I have to take some punches.

You've stated in the past that your dream has always been to become heavyweight champion of the world and technically two more wins would get you there. Has that been your motivation in training camp?

Absolutely. I'm so close now and I'm going to put on the best peformance of my career come Saturday night.


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