Sunday, September 21, 2008

Donald Wants Haye

Believe it or not there's another fighter who wants David "Hayemaker" Haye ahead of Haye's planned fight in December in which currently has no opponent and thats Larry “The Legend” Donald. Other fighters who Haye has mentioned in possibly fighting are James Toney, Kevin Johnson, Eddie Chambers, Hasim Rahman, and J.D. Chapman.

Donald On Fighting Haye

“David Haye is a good fighter at cruiserweight but let’s see how he can go up against a real heavyweight."

"I have been in with some of the best true heavyweights in the world and showed many times that I am on the same level, when I fought Evander Holyfield I was the underdog and I won, when I fought Valuev I was also the underdog and I felt that I won that fight as did many people around the world.”

“It has been a year since my last fight but I have been training the entire time and I am at my fighting weight already and could fight tommorow if I had to, I am prepared already for this fight, David Haye is the one that I want.”

Donald On Mercer's Chances With Haye

“Ray is a great fighter and person, I respect him to the fullest but I think that his straight ahead style is perfect for David Haye and my style is much more challenging and difficult for David. David Haye says that he wants a top guy and a challenge, well if you want a challenge David I am right here, I can box, I can bang and I will fight any one, any day and David Haye is the the guy that I want right now."

Donald Thinks He Is Haye's Ideal Opponent

"All of the fighters that Haye has been talking about fighting are good fighters but I think that I am the one that can challenge him the most and if he wants a fight against a real heavyweight and really wants a good challeging fight then I am here and the fight wont be hard to make, just call my manager Michael Doss and let’s get it on!”


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