Thursday, September 25, 2008

Haye To Fight Barrett

David "Hayemaker" Haye 21-1 (20 KOs) has finally decided the 2 time heavyweight title challenger Monte Barrett 34-6 (20 KO) will be his opponent at the O2 Arena in Greenwich on Nov 15. This decision has came after many possible opponents had been tossed around including the likes of J.D. Chapman, Hasim Rahman, James Toney, and Kevin Johnson. The 10 round fight will be shown live on Setanta Sports. Here are some quotes from both fighters about their future fight...

Haye Quotes

"Barrett is a perfect opponent. He's an exciting heavyweight who always puts up a good fight."

"At the same time, he's also a dangerous heavyweight who has surprised up-and-coming heavyweights. I will take nothing for granted against him. He's been fighting world-class heavyweights and hanging with them for years. When I beat Monte better than anybody has before, people will start to realise I'm serious about becoming world heavyweight champion."

Barrett Quotes

"Haye's caught my attention with all his talk, but he'll be in real deep water coming up to heavyweight, because he's not bringing any power with him. He may bring speed – but he's going to get annihilated when he meets a seasoned, hungry fighter as I am."



  1. Barrett IS a good fighter but he's far enough passed it that it's still a safe enough toe in the water type of fight for Haye. . .Although it'd be kind of funny if he lost to Barrett like Tye Fields.

  2. Ya it would be funny if he got ktfo buy Barrett after all his talking.


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