Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wladimir Klitschko Quick Q & A

The following are Wladimir Klitschko's opinions on various topics. Enjoy!

Relationships: I`m still searching for the woman of my dreams, but I´m young and sure that every pot has its fitting lid.

Music: My taste in music varies from Hip Hop, Soul to Rock. I´m very open minded for different styles of music.

Travelling: It´s a privilege and I´m really enjoying it. There are so many exotic places on earth which I still want to see.

Fashion: I´m interested in the latest fashion trends. I prefer a casual look, but I also like a fashionable black tie at special events.

Breakfast: Unfortunately my breakfast mostly falls short, but If I got enough time I really enjoy it. Freshly pressed orange juice, german buns and a newspaper - that´s how a perfect breakfast should look like.

Environment: We have to recognize that we are running out of time. Global warming is definitely a huge threat, but too many people are still ignoring the consequences. We have to wake up and act before it´s too late.

Art: Art is an inspiration source to me. It´s fascinating how an artist can express his thoughts and feelings through his creativity. Previous to a fight I use to visit a museum. This is where I can find the calmness I need to focus on the upcoming fight.

My hardest opponent: My brother Vitali was the hardest opponent I ever fought. As amateurs we used to do some sparring. Unfortunately I have to say, that Vitali won most of the rounds. As we turned pro we had to stop those hard-fought duels, because of the high risk of injuries.

My next opponent: I´m going to defend my title against the # 1 mandatory challenger of the IBF - Alexander Povetkin - in November. He´s very talented fighter, there´s no question about it, but still very unexperienced. That´s everything I want to say right now, the rest will be shown in the ring.

If I didn´t became a boxer, I would be: …a doctor. I always wanted to study medical sciences.


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