Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Chambers Calls Out Haye

The 26 year old heavyweight boxer "Fast" Eddie Chambers, has recently expressed his desire to fight David "Hayemaker" Haye. Haye looking to make a good showing at heavyweight after stepping up from the cruiserweight division and Eddie feels he would make the ideal 1st opponent.

Chamber's last fight was a 6 round TKO win
over Raphael Butler this past June. This was a great win for him to rebound from his disappointing points loss to Alexander Povetkin who is scheduled to fight current WBO/IBF/IBO heavyweight champion Wladimir "Steelhammer" Klitschko. This is the interview by James Slater with Eddie Chambers, which occurred via phone and expressed Eddie's desire to face Haye.

James Slater: You'd like a fight with David Haye then?.

Eddie Chambers: "Sure, anyone I can get. Anyone who's in my way. I mean, I'm not calling Haye out exclusively, but, yes, it would be a great fight between him and me. He's another young fighter coming up to try and take his shot. A lot of people want to fight him after all that he's been saying - to shut him up, you know? He has to back up his talk now."

J.S: What do you think of Haye as a fighter?

E.C: "I like David Haye. He's flamboyant and he brings interest to the heavyweight division. There are more eyes on us [heavyweights] right now as a result, so I thank him for that. I like what he does in the ring, too. He had real pop as a cruiserweight, now we have to see if he can carry that up to heavyweight. It's possible he doesn't really respect the heavyweight division like he should yet."

J.S: What type of fight do you think it would be, between you and he?

E.C: "I think it would be a great fight. There would be speed and skills in that fight. It would also be two young guys trying to prove themselves. I have to reprove myself after losing to Povetkin, and David has to prove himself as a heavyweight. He has to get a very impressive win whoever he fights after all his talk. This is our time now, us young guys, it's time for people to see what the new age can do."

J.S: Would you come over to the U.K for a Haye fight?

E.C: "I wouldn't mind. It's definitely worth a trip, that fight. But I don't know, I think he should really come to the U.S. He's hot right now and he should come to the U.S and get some more fans over here."

J.S: Just talking about your last fight, against Raphael Butler. You looked great in scoring a stoppage. Have you put the loss to Alexander Povetkin behind you now?

E.C: "I did in that fight, but I still think about it as well. It's always there, and I know now it's time to grow as a fighter and become a real man. You saw a little of that against Butler. He was a real strong guy and my mind was more focused for the fight. I had a great camp, with no distractions at all. I sparred with (IBF cruiserweight champ) Steve Cunningham for Butler, he got me sharp and got my speed ready, even though Butler wasn't all that fast himself."

J.S: What went wrong against Povetkin? You were winning quite easily, it seemed, early on.

E.C: "It was more a mental thing, not a physical thing. I honestly did not have as much time to train as I'd have liked. I also had a few distractions and things on my mind. I wasn't overlooking Povetkin but I was looking ahead a little. I got a little arrogant, like a lot of unbeaten fighters do. I just felt I'd definitely get the win, as I was always had done before."

J.S: Do you think you'll be a better fighter now, having learnt from the experience?

E.C: "There's no doubt about it. I still believe in myself, I have to make other people believe in me. I know there are a lot of people out there who saw the [Povetkin] fight, and were saying, 'there must be something wrong with this guy.' It's up to me to prove myself now. I'm modest but confident."

J.S: In your opinion, does Povetkin have a shot against Wladimir Klitschko?

E.C: "Povetkin's very tough. Even though I'm not really known as a hard puncher, I hit him with some great shots. The thing is, he [Povetkin] wants to win so bad, at any cost almost. That makes him dangerous. He hasn't lost in years. I think he'll try and get in Klitschko's face and bring the fight to him. Even it he doesn't win he will make things very uncomfortable for Klitschko. He'll be dangerous early. He'll be dangerous late, too."

J.S: I take it you'd take a rematch with Povetkin in a heartbeat if he won?

E.C: "(laughs) I do want to get back at him. Not so much for revenge, it's more a case of wanting to put right what went wrong. And of course I still want to be heavyweight champion. So yes, I would like another fight with him if he becomes champion."

J.S: Aside from yourself, who are the other good young American heavyweights? ( a recent list of the top-five best young U.S heavies that appeared on ESPN T.V channel did not include Chambers' name)

E.C: "Well, there's a decent list of young heavyweights in the U.S. I would have liked to have seen my name on the list, but it don't really bother me that my name wasn't there. It's obvious some people think I need to prove myself. I think Chris Arreola is a good fighter, with his good win over Chazz Witherspoon. Even Chazz himself, even though he lost, is not out of the picture. There are a number of others, guys like Jason Estrada and Kevin Johnson, and Brian Minto because he brings exciting fights."

J.S: Do you feel you are more experienced a fighter than those guys, having arguably fought the bigger names?

E.C: "I think I am. I may not be as old as some of those guys, but I've been fighting quite a long time now. I'm just looking to fight whoever is in my way right now."


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