Sunday, August 31, 2008

Valuev Wins Rematch With Ruiz

On Saturday night(8/30/08), and with the scorecards reading 116-111, 116-113 and 114-113, The "Russian Giant" Nicolai Valuev defeated John "The Quiet Man" Ruiz again and regained his WBA heavyweight championship belt.

Valuev pretty much won this fight on his jab alone, which improved quite a bit. With his size, height, good chin, endurance, and improved jab, he is going to be hard for any heavyweight to beat except for 2 guys that come to mind......

Valuev Quotes

“I am happy to be the champion again. The new training methods have paid off. I was much quicker than in the first meeting.”

“I really have to thank Alexander,” he stated. “Thanks to his training, I have become quicker and more mobile. That was key to success tonight.”

Valuev's Manager Wilfried Sauerland Quotes

“In the first seven or eight rounds we saw the best Nikolai ever. He moved and used his left jab well before getting a little tired towards the end. Ruiz was a tough opponent but Nikolai beat him clearly..”

Valuev's Coach Alexander Zimin Quotes

“We knew it would be a tough fight. It was our goal not to fight Ruiz but to box him and Niko did just that. I am very pleased with his performance.”

John Ruiz Quotes

“I feel like I have won the fight. I am very sad about the outcome but I want to thank the German fans and the German people for their support. I hope to come back one day – for pleasure, not for business.”

Don King Quotes

"Nikolai is improving tremendously. He was great with his jab and the one-two punches. I think he is going to be the world´s best fighter. He has a great trainer and keeps getting better. I am sure he will unify the titles.”


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