Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Vitali Klitschko Quick Q & A

Here's some quick questions to Vitali Klitschko with answers covering various topics. Enjoy!

Comeback: I can´t wait to step into the ring again. Unfortunately I had to put my comeback on hold, but now the time has come to pay tribute to all my fans, who kept on supporting me during my whole career.

Family: My family means everything to me. Raising three kids can be wild and crazy, but I can tell that it´s never getting boring at home.

Politics: The political structures in Ukraine and especially in Kiev aren´t stable yet, but this will change over the next years. I´m trying to make my contribution. After my boxing career I´m going to run for a political office again.

Talent: Everybody got their something. It´s important to discover young talents and support them in being all they can be and all they want to be.

Success: There a many ways to interpret success. Someday I just want to look back on a fulfilled life and don´t want to regret too many decision I´ve been made in my life. This is what success means to me.

Relaxing: Having a fine dinner with some good friend of mine.

Heroes: As a kid I always wanted to become a cosmonaut. Those were the great heroes of my childhood. In sports I have to say that Max Schmeling and Muhammad Ali are still my greatest idols.

My hardest opponent: Lennox Lewis - That was the toughest and unluckiest fight I´ve ever had. It´s a great pity, that we didn´t ever fought a rematch.

My next opponent: I am going to challenge WBC champion Samuel Peter this October. The WBC named me as Emeritus Champion, which gives me the privilege to challenge the official WBC champion any time.

If I didn´t became a boxer, I would be: …a pilot.


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