Wednesday, March 12, 2008

WBC orders Sam Peter to fight Vitali Klitschko

Why is Vitali facing Peter instead of Wladimir?

The reason is Vitali Klitschko had as much right to face Oleg Maskaev as Sam Peter did. He was given championship emeritus status by the WBC, which meant he could return to boxing and be automatic mandatory challenger to the belt. He announced his return, however Sam Peter had already fought 2 hard fights with James Toney to be declared mandatory challenger for the WBC belt himself. To make a long story short, Vitali stepped aside and this allowed Peter to fight Oleg with the promise of the winner of Maskaev and Peter fighting him.

So this is what the situation is now. Peter won last Saturday the 8th and became the new WBC champion and thus the WBC President Jose Sulaiman now has made Vitali the mandatory challenger for Peter's belt. The fight should take place by this fall.

How does Peter feel about this?

Peter has expressed his desire to fight a rematch with Vitali's younger brother Wladimir whom is his only loss, but says he is content with fighting Vitali as well.

How do I feel about this?

Well I do think a rematch with Wladimir would be quite exciting, but things aren't as simple as that. Don King is the promoter of Sam Peter and he as expressed in the past how he would do what it takes to not give the Klitschko's a chance at any of "his" titles.

With Vitali, he has to accept it since the WBC has ordered the fight to take place. But with Wladimir he has room to move. So its either Vitali or Sam Peter fighting anybody that King feels would be good for him to fight, and I believe Vitali Klitschko would be a much better match-up to anything like that for sure.

Vitali Klitshcko is an exciting fighter himself. If you haven't seen any of his past fights I got some of them on here under "videos" so check them out. I believe with Vitali's desire to get back into boxing we will see a great fight although seeing a rematch with Wladimir does sound nice as well.

How do I feel the result of the fight will be?

With injuries aside, I see this fight ending up pretty much the same as when Vitali fought Danny Williams. Danny had a tough beard, hard hands, but wasn't as technically sound as Vitali. Exact same situation with Peter vs Vitali. My prediction is TKO by round 7 for Vitali.

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