Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sultan Ibragimov Wants To Be Champion Again

In a article I read recently Sultan Ibragimov, former WBO heavyweight champion, tells his desires to be champion again after realizing his mistake and getting his 1st loss to Wladimir Klitschko(WBO & IBF Heavyweight Champion).

His manager Boris Grinberg goes on to say that he didn't change his tactics and fought the same pace the whole fight. This is the mistake Sultan is talking about. Grinberg goes on to say, "We understand now, our price go very low down. But it doesn't matter to us. Everybody in boxing still understands Sultan is a very dangerous fighter. We have to come back with a couple of knockout wins. Sultan has to be different (than with Klitschko), not box, he has to fight. I'm not impressed with Klitschko. He not show anything, show very bad boxing. Klitschko too fast. He running all the time, he don't want to fight. Sultan lost his pace, he has to attack more often, go to the left, go to the right. He not do that."

OK, Wladimir was "running" all the time? He must have watched another fight than I did.

Wladimir has bad boxing skills? Funny

Basically, this is a marketing ploy to attempt to give Sultan some value after his loss. I don't think it makes Sultan look better though if Grinberg says Wlad has no boxing skill and wasn't even trying to fight Sultan (he was running remember) but yet Sultan found no reason to be aggressive and fight him(instead of boxing him). You'd think that would be a good time to change your "tactics".

The truth is Wladimir didn't run the whole fight. He was always standing in front of Sultan, and Sultan was the one who was constantly moving and retreating. Sultan was being defensive the whole night, so Wlad just stuck with his jab. Wouldn't most fighters knowing they were losing on points start being aggressive to the fighter who's jabbed him all night? I think Wlad figured Sultan would change his "tactics" when he realized he was losing on points but Sultan never did. This wasn't Wladimir's fault. Good strategic win for Wladimir, and I wouldn't count against his next fight ending a little sooner than this one.

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