Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Williams TKO 7 Over Airich

In a very interesting fight on May 30th, Danny Williams (39(31 Ko's), 6(3 Ko's), 0) scored a unusual TKO stoppage in round 7 over German fighter Konstantin Airich (9(8 Ko's), 1(1 Ko), 1). Airich was doing very well from the beginning scoring knockdowns over Willams. But then then Willaims recovered and started to turn the tables.

The ref did some bizarre things in the fight. He seemed to be counting a lot of low blows against Danny Williams, and even at one point decided to fix the tape around Danny's gloves for him! He also appeared to be getting in Danny's way when he chased after Airich. But, the most bizarre and controversial part of the fight came when Airich's promoter Ahmet Öner rang the bell during the 6th round! This to me is blatant corruption, but Ahmet Öner has since said that he was doing it to stop the fight. I highly doubt it, why didn't he throw in the towel or do something else? The 7th round began, Williams poured it on some more and the towel was thrown in-- -finally. Danny Williams is seeking some kind of action because of this fight that happened in Bilbao, Spain. Here's the fight if you want to watch it.

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