Sunday, June 22, 2008

Arreola Easily Defeats Witherspoon

Chris "The Nightmare" Arreola destroyed "Gentleman" Chazz Witherspoon within 3 rounds last night. Arreola improved to (24(21KO),0,0) while Witherspoon fell to 23(15KO), 1, 0). Chazz started out with some good footwork and a jab, but continued to get beat on the inside by Arreola. Eventually Arreola started connecting more and after a 2nd knockdown in the 3rd round just before the bell rang, Witherspoon's corner men came out after Witherspoon got up to help him get back to the corner thinking the round was over. Apparently the referee didn't see it as this and disqualified Witherspoon as a result of his team entering the ring. This has spelled controversy and the Witherspoon team suggests it might appeal last night's decision.

I think it wouldn't have mattered anyway. Arreola would have took out Witherspoon, who was out on his feet at the end of round 3, in round 4 anyway. Any advantage Witherspoon had-- footwork, jab--- Arreola was getting more and more comfortable getting around as the fight went on.

It looks like there may be a possibiity that Arreola may face David Tua this fall. This would be an interesting match up since both can punch and aren't afraid to come forward. Look for Arreola to be in the mix with the upper members of the division in the near future.

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