Sunday, June 29, 2008

Barrett Destroys Fields

On Saturday night(7/28/08), Monte Barrett Knocked Out up-and-coming heavyweight Tye Fields in 1 round. Tye started the fight very aggressively, but looked pretty plodding, with pawing jabs. He did get Barrett with a couple solid shots to the body, but eventually left himself wide open after throwing an awkward left and Barrett took advantage and landed a clean right to Tye's jaw. Barrett followed up with a couple more heavy shots to the head and it was goodnight for Fields. Barret improves to 34 Wins(2 KO's), 6 losses(3 KO), and 0 draws while Tye Fields drops to 41 Wins(37 KO's), 2 losses(2 KO), and 0 draws. Here's the video of the fight:

Here's the same video that contains the fighter introductions as well in case you want to see that...

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