Monday, June 23, 2008

Jason Estrada Interview

“I got more satisfaction drinking a glass of fruit flavored water, than watching Arreola beat Chazz by such a controversial decision. Arreola proved nothing!", said up and coming heavyweight Jason “Big Six" Estrada after watching the Chazz Witherspoon/Chris Arreola fight last Saturday night.

Eastsideboxing had a recent interview with Estrada, who talks about the fight and where he fits in the division.

: Jason, who watched the HBO Saturday Fights with you, when Chris Arreola beat Chazz Witherspoon by a DQ in the third round, and what was your reaction to the judge’s decision?

Estrada: I was sitting there with my Dad and two uncles watching the fights on a high definition 50 inch screen. It was a shame about the decision, I mean the way it ended, since I believe Chazz should have been given a minute to clear his head. If he didn't show anything after that minute, then it could've been stopped. If you look at Chris after the fight, he actually talked the referee into stopping the fight.

EastSideBoxing: During the first three rounds of the Arreola-Witherspoon fight, what did you see in Arreola?

: Honestly, I wasn't impressed. They say he's been boxing since he was nine years old. I just don't see it. His form needs a lot of work. He's wide with his punches. His head is in the middle, a foot in front of his hands. His feet are wide and not under him. They say he can punch and I can't. Put us in the ring together and watch what happens. I'll expose him. He thinks Chazz has the "Oh Shit".....ok. Wait til he see's my jab.

EastSideBoxing: Who do you see in America as heavyweight contenders, and are you ready for the challenge?

Estrada: Me ... That’s who I see. I'll fight anybody. No exceptions. Sign the contract. I don't duck or turn down anybody. Me and Povetkin still gotta get it on too. It was supposed to happen in 2003 and then again in 2004 but due to certain situations, it never happened. He was brought along sweet in the pro's, and is in line for a title shot, so I'm off his radar. But let him get that title, if he can, and I'll catch him later. Right now I want anybody ranked ahead of me on Boxrec, or anybody else for that matter.

EastSideBoxing: Would you like a chance at bat against Arreola, and why do you deserve that fight?

Estrada: Absolutely, that’s what I'm doing this interview for. All this talk about Chris versus Tua...please. Tua ain't trying to fight anybody anymore. Anyway that wouldn't happen until the end of the year. All I've ever fought are guys with 500 records or above. Look at the guys I smashed this year alone. I like to say I'm New and Improved, and I will show it, by eliminating ALL of the competition.

How about me and Chris on HBO in August?

Call Jimmy Burchfield, of Classic Entertainment and Sports. We can make it happen.

EastSideBoxing: How would you describe Arreola’s fight style, and what do you vision your strategy against him would be?

: Strong clubfighter....that’s it. I won't say my exact strategy, but I will promise everybody that I'll steal his heart and feed it to him. He'll swear the referee is cheating and hitting him, by the time I get done with him!

EastSideBoxing: If Arreola were in your face right now, what would you likely say to him?

: Listen you gotta prove you belong where the media has placed you. Deep down inside when you're alone you gotta wonder, "Am I really that good?" This is your chance to find out with a former Olympian with over 300 amateur fights. Are you ready for a real test? Or are you just gonna keep taking on ready-made opponents?

EastSideBoxing: If Arreola doesn’t dodge your challenge to fight him, what would you predict the outcome to be?

Estrada: I've been learning how to sit down more on my punches, and I believe his punches will never land on me. I'll stop him or he'll quit. Maybe I bust him up, and the corner rescues him. Either way, he won't see the tenth round.

EastSideBoxing: Anything else you would like to say to the heavyweight contenders out there?

Estrada: Times up. I got the best chin out there and the fastest hands. Anybody who thinks they can stop me, is welcomed to call my promoter.

I won't be sidetracked anymore on my way to the heavyweight championship.

"Chris, Its time to prove who belongs."

EastSideBoxing: Jason, any other comments you would like to make?

Estrada: Also, thanks Peter and Eastsideboxing, for allowing me this interview and for my fans keep the faith. I won't let you down.


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