Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Vitali Klitschko Message From Jose Sulaiman

WBC President Jose Sulaiman recently sent a message to WBO emeritus champion Vitali Klitschko wishing him good luck on his Kiev Mayoral campaign that he's running for. The mayoral election takes place in Kiev, Ukraine, on May 25. This is how Mr. Sulaiman's message went:

“I hope that the voting citizens of Kiev will take into strong consideration the perseverance and efficiency that Vitali utilized to make his company successful in business, his strong feelings of patriotism and love for Ukraine, and the great qualities and abilities of a young sportsman with his clean mind and heart to lead the city of Kiev to reach its highest goals and ideals."

“If elected, Vitali Klitschko would be the first fighting mayor in the 300-year history of boxing, and would have a great opportunity to once again become the heavyweight champion of the world.

“The fighting mayor and world champion would be seen favorably by the whole world as an example for sportsmen to lead their citizens with their charisma, human virtues and values.

“If Vitali is elected, the WBC would appoint a committee of the top officers of the WBC to go, along with myself, to attend his inauguration.”

Good luck to Vitali Klitschko on his mayoral election come May 25th!


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