Sunday, May 25, 2008

Estrada Defeats Witherspoon

Up-and-coming heavyweight and 2004 Olympian Jason "Big Six" Estrada (13-1, 3 KOs) easily defeated another promising heavyweight Moultrie Witherspoon (14-2, 8 KOs) by 7Th round stoppage of their scheduled 8 round fight on the night of Friday May 23.

Estrada dominated Witherspoon from the opening bell. Estrada was really good at landing his uppercuts on Witherspoon throughout the fight, which he used to hurt and bloody Witherspoon in round two. Uppercuts were a big factor throughout the fight even in the final round when Estrada landed a left hook and big right uppercut combination which caused Witherspoon's mouthpiece to fall out. There were a couple punches more and then the ref stopped the bout at 1:38 in round 7.

Estrada seems like he may be a factor in the heavyweight division. Before I was reluctant to give him as much credit due to his early loss and his lack of KO power. But, as shown in this fight, Estrada has enough power when he wants to use it to hurt any heavyweight in the division if he wants to. Well almost every heavyweight. You can guess who I think he wouldn't hurt. :D

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