Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Klitschko Thompson Kiev Press Conference Video

This is a video of a sports news report that shows the New York Giants meeting President Bush and the Wladimir Klitschko and Tony Thompson press conference in Kiev. The Klitscho/Thompson press conference starts at the 1:34 mark in this video.

Commentary From Video

Thanks Anna,

The New York Giants met with President Bush at the White House on
Wednesday and were honored in a ceremony attended by
family, friends and fans. The Giants beat the Patriots 17-14
in Super Bowl XLII, despite being heavy underdogs against the then-undefeated
New England Patriots squad.
"In looking back it hard to find the experts who predicted a
Giants victory. Most people called it a cakewalk, 'be prepared to turn off
your television sets early because this isn't much of a game you are about to
watch'. When in fact, it turned out to be one of the great legendary football
games in our country's history." Said Bush
Giants Quarterback Eli Manning, under enormous pressure by New York
fans to play as well as his brother Peyton, an NFL Superstar, emerged as the
Super Bowl's Most Valuable Player.
"This is a great team that worked together and won the Vince
Lombardy trophy and won the deep gratitude of the 1972 Miami Dolphins,"
Bush added referring to the only team to go through a full season undefeated, a
feat that would have been equaled by the Patriots if they won the Super Bowl.

The Giants presented President Bush with a souvenir football and jersey. Bush also
thanked the Giants for their off-the-field volunteer work. The team visited
wounded troops at Walter Reed Army Medical Center earlier in the day.

Heavyweight champion Vladimir Klitschko held a news conference on
Wednesday (April 30) with his challenger Tony "The Tiger" Thompson
in Kiev.
The two boxers will fight in Hamburg, Germany on July 12 for the IBF,
IBO and WBO titles. Thompson is ranked as number one contender by the WBO.
Klitschko described his future rival as a strong and experienced
sportsman at the press conference.
"I can see that Thomson is such an experienced sportsman. In the
past eight years he has not lost a single fight. Tony Thompson has achieved,
not with words, but by his actions in the ring the top position in the
WBO," Klitschko said.
Klitschko promised real action on the ring.

"On July 12 in the ring, it is our actions that will be doing the
talking. Of course, the one who does his homework better will win." said Klitschko.

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