Friday, May 9, 2008

Co-Promotion Deal Made For Klitschko Peter

Today, Duva Boxing, headed by Dino Duva, and K2 Promotions, which is the Klitschko's promotional company with Shelly Finkel the adviser and Tom Loeffler the promoter, reached an agreement for the fight between WBC Emeritus champion Vitali Klitschko, and current WBC Heavyweight Champion Samuel Peter to take place sometime in October, most likely the 4th or 11th, and at a venue not yet determined. It was hinted that Germany may be the place the fight will be held, and there are also rumors that there may be a Klitschko double header with Vitali's brother Wladimir defending his titles against Alexander Povetkin on the same night. This assume Wladimir defeats Tony Thompson July 12th which I see no reason he won't.

The agreement finally materialized at the last minute when another promoter, Ahmet ├ľner, the CEO of German promotional company Arena, desired to enter the bidding. This caused Diva Boxing, who partners with Don King, to reach an agreement with K2 Promotions.

As part of the agreement taking place Dino Duva , Ahmet Oner, the CEO of Arena Box Promotions, Don King, Tom Loeffler, and Shelly Finkel had a few things to say:

Dino Duva

"The deal was made at the 11th hour, and we are delighted. Instead of going to the WBC offices for a purse bid and uncertain future, we instead were able to reach the agreement and announce it in front of the wonderful Mexican media and fans. We're ecstatic. It's the best possible deal for all concerned – the fighters, promoters, and most importantly the fans. "It was a long and complicated negotiation. I want to sincerely thank all of the key parties – my partner Don King, Sam's manager Ivaylo Gotzev, Vitali Klitschko, his advisor Shelly Finkel and promoter Tom Loeffler. Last but not least, I must thank WBC President Jose Sulaiman, who, along with his son Mauricio, was determined to get all parties to the table and make a deal for this great fight. Without their support and understanding, this never would have happened."
“It’s not going to be one promoter trying to cut the other one’s throat. We’ve agreed to work together, which is the best way to maximize the promotion. I expect Samuel Peter to win, but it’ll be a great fight, while it lasts. I believe Samuel will knock Vitali out!”
“It could be the US, could be Germany, could somewhere else in Europe, could be in China, could be in Nigeria. Whoever is prepared to give us the best deal, then that’s where it’s going to go.”

Shelly Finkel

“I believe it’s going to happen, and I believe it’ll happen early October. Vitali will be in the best shape he can be and I believe and hope that’s enough. He is determined and working very, very hard to do that.”

Ahmet Oner, the CEO of Arena Box Promotions

"I think Samuel Peter can be happy that I was here, because before this, there was the possibility to have the fight cheaper. I started with 10.6 million dollars in my head, and then went up to 11.7, 12.8 and 13…something."

Don King

“Ahmet deserves more than five-hundred-dollars. He is a good man and he’s the future. When you see a guy like that, working hard, it demonstrates that boxing is on the move, when everyone else thinks that boxing is in the doldrums. It is sort of a state without heroes, so we’re trying to create heroes."
"There was an irresistible force against an immovable object, and something had to give. Give it did, and we’ve made the deal."
“When Tom assured me that Vitali would be there, he WOULD be there."
“Vitali always been a good fighter and a courageous guy. But he’s been injury prone. You can’t eradicate that. So we faced it head on, and Tom said some things to me in confidence that assured me that Vitali will be there and I believe in and respect Tom Loeffler.”

Tom Loeffler

“This deal has really been worked out over the last few months, and it took these last couple of hours to work out the final details, before a purse bid would have been scheduled.”
“I think it’ll be a very competitive fight. Vitali has a style which is going to be very difficult for Sam Peter."
“Wladimir has beaten Sam Peter already and now Peter wants to get his revenge against his brother Vitali, who wants to prove that he still is deserving to be the WBC Champion of the World.”
“It really could wind up anywhere. The deal we made between our side and Peter’s side, is to maximize the revenues, so that both fighters benefit as much as possible.”

As part of the agreement, Samuel Peter is free to fight in an interim bout by the end of July. It's not known whether the interim fight will materialize but there is some buzz about a possible match-up with Andrew Golota as the interim match.

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