Saturday, May 29, 2010

Klitschko KO's Sosnowski in 10

Vitali Klitschko successfully defended his title tonight with a 10th round knockout over Sosnowski. Sosnowski did show some good skill, and was very fit. But, it wasn't enough.

The fight started off with Vitali keeping the distance and popping his jab mainly. Sosnowski showed great footwork and movement and this kept him from getting hit as often. This continued for the majority of rounds with Sosnowski showing some brief flashes a talent. But, he still got hit enough and Klitschko scored round after round.

In round 9 Klitschko landed some big shots that rocked Sosnowski. That was Klitschko's biggest round up to that point in my opinion.

Then in round 10, Vitali came out even more aggressive and you can tell he was on a mission to stop Sosnowski. He did. Near the end of the round his left hand followed by a straight right hand which ended it as Sosnowski landed in the corner the ref stopped the fight.

Congratulations to Vitali on a solid win and Vitali now improves to 40-2-0 with 38 victories coming by way of KO.

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