Sunday, May 16, 2010

Haye Wants To Fight Vitali Klitschko

As the IBF's deadline of May 17 to make a unification fight between champion Wladimir Klitschko and WBA champion David Haye draws near, it appears that Haye doesn't want to fight Wladimir. According to Wladmir's side they are willing to give him a 50/50 split so there should be no reason this should not seem like a fair offer.

Haye's co-promoter Chris Mayer from Sauerland Event said he spoke with the Russian reporter Alexander Pavlovu of SportBox and because of that he feels that the deal won't get done be tomorrow's deadline, and says Haye would rather fight Wladimir's brother Vitali.

Chris Mayer Quotes

"I have this gut-feeling (a deal won't get done). David just fought John Ruiz on April 3 and wants to take a rest and wants more time to devote to his family. He is also more interested in making a fight with the older Klitschko brothers."

"A fight with Vitali could lead to a further unification against the winner of Wladimir and Alexander Povetkin. I don't think Haye and Klitschko will agree by May 17, the deadline set by the IBF to end negotiations."

Haye's manager Adam Booth also confirms Haye wanting to face Vitali over Wladimir..

Adam Booth Quotes

"David would like a fight with Vitali. He is better than his brother, and more experienced and he's stronger. Besides, Wladimir has to defend his title against Povetkin. I think, after Vitali's fight with Albert Sosnowski, all of us will try to make a deal for a big fight between David and Vitali Klitschko."

Again, there should be no reason why this fight shouldn't occur. Wladimir has called him out recently on a video directed towards him and heavyweight fans after Haye has called Wladimir out for over a year, and is now being silent and letting his manager and promoter's do the talking? When did this Haye show up? This is the same guy who confronted Wladimir on the stairs and now he won't at least defend himself for Wladimir telling him on a video that has been watched all over the world that Haye is "bitching out"? Isn't it strange that Booth doesn't explain why the negotiations haven't been successful? Wladimir wouldn't be tied up with a Povetkin fight if they were to just sign the contract! 50/50 is more than fair there should be no reason this fight shouldn't go through unless Haye is ducking, which I think he is....

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