Saturday, July 2, 2011

Klitschko Defeats Haye By Decision

And the new unified WBO/WBA/IBF/IBO heayvweight champion.. Wladimir Klitschko!  Wladimir easily handled David Haye over 12 rounds.  Haye had his moments but didn't throw enough and was not as aggressive as many thought he would be.  Wladimir was the aggressor throughout the fight. Here's how the fight went:

Not much happened in the opening round, feeling each other out, but Klitschko's round. He controlled it, touched him with the jab.

Round 2 was a Solid round for Klitschko.  He was just outlanding a tentative Haye. Landed a couple of nice rights in the rd. 20-18 Klitschko.

Round 3 was best of the fight so far. Some good action. Both landed some solid shots. It was a pretty even round in my opinion and after watching the fight this was Haye's best round.

Rd 4 was more of the same from Wladimnir -- jabbing keeping the distance-- and this round goes to Klitschko although Haye landed a decent shot right at the end of rd.

In round 5 Klitschko had a very good round, and landed a right hand that seemed to hurt Haye for a moment. Klitschko is winning this fight easily up to this point.

In round 6 Klitschko is still controlling the fight and Haye is not throwing enough punches, although Wlad has a small nick that is bleeding on his left cheek.

Round 7 was a even round and I have it 9-9 because Klitschko was docked a point for pushing Haye down, but it was a complete nonsense call. You could tell it was a flop.  Between rounds Emanuel spends the 1st 30 seconds complaining to the ref about this and explaining why he shouldn't have been docked a point.  This seems to have made the ref think the next time Haye pulls similar stunts in the later rounds.

In Rd 8  Klitschko boxing him to death. Haye is still not throwing any punches.

Rd 9 was easy for Klitschko. He's made it look pretty easy  with the jab and increasing left hook. Haye did nothing.

Rd 10 to Kitschko. Haey hardly threw any punches and Wladimir landed more than Haye threw. Also,  Haye keep flopping to mat and was warned.

Rd 11 was fo Klitschko, 10-8. Wladimir was credited with a knockdown, although it was another Haye flop and the ref having enough of Haye's antics creatively counted it as a knockdown.

In the final round Klitschko finishes very aggressive and strong after Haye lands a solid shot. I scored the fight 118 - 108 and the official scrorecard was:  118-108, 117-109, 116-110 for the winner Wladimir Klitschko.
Easy work for Wladimir who is now improves to 56-3, and 49 KO's while Haye drops to 25-2, and 23 KO's... 

Congratulations to Wladimir Klitschko and Vitali Klitschko who now control all the belts in the heavyweight division and fulfilled their dream.

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