Thursday, March 11, 2010

Klitschko's Fighting Over Who Will Fight Haye

As you already know both Klitschko brothers on 2 different occasion have tried to get a match sealed with the now WBA heavyweight champion David Haye with no success. Haye backed out of a set match with Wladimir Klitschko in June claiming injury and then double negotiated and backed out of a fight with Vitali in September to fight the WBA champion Nicolai Valuev instead.

What it boils down to is Wladimir has more of a personal vendetta against Haye whereas Vitali would like to have 2 major belts like his brother Wladimir has.

So both brothers want to fight Haye next and this is what Vitali Klitschko had to say about the situation.

"I told my brother, 'I want to fight Haye', but he said no, he wants to fight him."

"For him it is personal, but for me I want the title. My brother already has two but I have to clear it with him. I really hope he listens to his older brother. Let's hope my brother listens to me. He must always respect old people."

"Always you need motivation and the motivation is to have all the titles in the family. Everyone wants to see a unification. Champion against champion. Haye has the choice, one of the brothers Klitschko."

"I'll tell Haye it's easier to beat me, because I'm older and I don't have as much energy as my brother. I keep my fingers crossed that he beats Ruiz. Not because I like him, but I want his title and to shut his mouth."

"Maybe we decide by coins who fights him. Let's hope my brother listens to me. He must always respect old people."

I'm kind of undecided on who gets to fight Haye myself. If Vitali was not going to retire soon I'd for sure want to see Vitali fight him, but since he is I'd hate to see 2 belts go back to the sanctioning body cesspool where Wladimir would have to wait forever to recapture the belts. If Wladimir fought him then there would only be the WBC belt to worry about when Vitali retires. But, then again Vitali needs to cement his legacy as well and another belt would help. What do you think? Comment below on who you would go for. I think Vitali should fight him. Wladimir is young enough to take time to capture the other belts.

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