Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Wladimir Klitschko Declines Povetkin Offer

The German paper 'Bild Zeitung' said that Wladimir turned down an offer of five million EUR from Sauerland Event to face IBF mandatory Alexander Povetkin. Wladimir Klitschko already has a fight with the WBO mandatory challegner Tony Thompson pending for this July. As a result of Wladimir's decision to face Tony instead of Alex, Sauerland Event have protested to the IBF. I will update what happens next when I get more information. Source

In my opinion, Wladimir's decision seems fair since Tony Thompson has been waiting over a year for his mandatory shot with the WBO and should be entitled to fight 1st over Alexander Povetkin who rather recently won a tournament by the IBF to proclaim Wladimir's mandatory status. I don't think Povetkin's people really want to face Wladimir in the ring. I heard nothing at all from Povetkin's people up to this point saying when they would like to face Wladimir. It was only AFTER there were discussions that Wladimir and Thompson were in the works that they all of a sudden wanted a fight to happen as soon as possible. In other words, it seems coincidental that they are wanting a fight now and weren't as vocal before about wanting to start negotiations. I believe this is an attempt to get a belt without facing Wladimir, since he may get stripped if the complain to the IBF and succeed.

Let's hope that Wladimir can face Thompson 1st and a agreement is made for a fight between Wladimir and Alexander. I believe Thompson is a harder match for Wladimir than Povetkin. So, I sincerely believe Wlad is doing what he feels is right and isn't trying to avoid anyone.


  1. Povetkin is the harder fight for Klitschko. Povetkin is imo the one who has the biggest chance of beating Klitschko. It comes down to who lands the first bomb. I'd go with Povetkin slipping a jab early in the fight and landing an overhand right to instill some respect with Klitschko. We all know that Klitschko panics under pressure and gets on his bike. On the other hand it might take Klitschko one or a couple of big right hands to finish Povetkin off. We'll see, I am looking forward to the fight.

  2. On paper Povetkin seems like the opponent who could beat Klitschko. I watched his fights, and he doesn't have the power in his punches that you would expect from a "superheavyweight". He's consistent and over time he can wear down his opponents through his superb conditioning or just by volume punching which takes its toll and can lead to a ko/tko. As far as 1 punch ko power, he's just not in the same league as Klitschko. He's not far from the stature of Chris Byrd, which suprised me since he was a "superheavyweight" in the olympics. He did beat Chris Byrd by "tko" but it was competitive for the most part and it wasn't the same kind of number Wladimir did on 2 younger versions of Byrd. Povetkin is a skilled fighter much like Ibragimov, but doesn't have the height or pop to be able to take Wladimir over the edge in my opinion. Thompson on the other hand does have some variables that could at least make it interesting for Klitschko. He's around his height, he's fairly experienced, and a lefty. We'll just have to see, but I feel Klitschko will get rid of Povetkin a lot easier than Thompson.


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