Sunday, April 20, 2008

Audley Harrison Wins Over Jason Barnett

2000 Super Heavyweight Gold Medalist Audley "A-Force" Harrison got back on track Saturday night(4/20/08) with a 5Th round TKO stoppage over Jason Barnett. Harrison doesn't seem as though he changed much his fighting style. He used his jab well in the contest and did land a couple crashing lefts(he's a southpaw), but for the most part was very cautious. The crowd responded with boos throughout the contest.

At 254 pounds and 6'5" he did look in good shape and was much bigger than the 224 lb Jason Barnett. He got a win, but at age 36 he needs to step up the competition real quick if he wants a title shot.

With the win, Harrison improved to 22-3(17). Barnett fell to 10-7(4).


  1. His name is Jason Barnett!!!! NOT JUSTIN

  2. Thanks anonymous--- I actually had Jason in the title-- just slipped in the body. I knew a Justin Barnett. But it's fixed now thanks to you. Oh wait-- THANKS TO YOU!!!!!!! That's better.


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