Sunday, April 27, 2008

Haye Confronts Klitschko On Escalator

In the following video David Haye confronts Wladimir Klitschko on a escalator while before Wladimir starts a charity event in the UK. He makes his case for a fight with Wladimir and Wladimir seems to be enjoying himself over it.

Angle 1

Angle 2

In my opinion, David himself has no ranking at heavyweight and has no current fights at heavyweight. He said that the 2 guys Wlad's facing as mandatory's are not any good, but since Dave has no recent fights at heavyweight against anyone better than Povetkin or Thompson, he isn't better than them as a heavyweight until he proves otherwise.

He also kept mentioning Evander Holyfield as a reason why he should get his shot at Wladimir. David Haye isn't Evander Holyfield and hasn't reached the status of a cruiserweight like Evander had. What's even funnier about Haye's comment about Holyfield is that Holyfield fought at heavyweight for over 2 years before he got his major title shot. So Haye's comment is not a very good justification as to why he should just step up and fight Wladimir. David Haye just needs to get in line and face some quality opposition at heavyweight to prove himself just like Evander Holyfield did if he wants a shot at Wladimir's belts.

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