Saturday, February 18, 2012

Response To Chisora's Slap on V. Klitschko

At the weigh in yesterday challenger Dereck Chisora gave WBC heavyweight champion Vitali Klitschko a cheap shot and slap as they were in the middle of their stare down.  It appears that Chisora either immediately backed away or was pulled back by his team. Immediately after this happened Vitali said, 'Why has he done this? Look how nervous he is. He hit me and ran away so his own team could stop me getting at him.'

Chisora immediately fled the scene, screaming: 'Where's my f****** driver! Where's my f****** car! Get me out of here.'

Vitali was also quoted by as saying:

“He [Chisora] is a coward. Why did he do this? Did you see how nervous he was? He hit and ran away. Then his team covered him up to stop me getting at him. You are f***** now, Dereck, you are really f***** now!”

Adam Booth, trainer/manager of David Haye said, 'Chisora has committed suicide. He wasn't going to win anyway but this has made it worse. It was a cheap shot and the last thing you want to do is pick a fight with Vitali. The only hope is to try to box him. Now he'll come into the ring with real anger.'

Even his own promoter and trainer were flabbergasted by his antics. Frank Warren his promoter said, "We're all scratching our heads about it, to be honest. You always expect something from Dereck - he's a character - but it's usually something that winds people up or is a bit jovial.

"So for him to get physical and aggressive, unprovoked, is surprising. But I'm sure there's method to his madness and we'll find out if the madness has paid off tomorrow night." --- and his trainer Don Charles said, "I'm not Dereck Chisora. Like I said, it's unacceptable."

WBC president Jose Sulaiman said: 'Boxing, even though it is violent, is a sport of gentlemen and fair play. The WBC has decided to fine Chisora for not complying with the fair play that is required in all sports.'

This will cost Chisora £32,000 ($50,000) fine and brought condemnation for all sides, including his own handlers. (Interesting to not that Chisora also turned an incredible tasty £70,000 offer for advertisement on the bottom of his shoes so all together he is losing over £100,000!)

On top of this Chisora may also face action from the British Boxing Board.

The greatest disciplinary action Chisora will face however will be when he fights Vitali Klitschko later today.

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