Monday, November 30, 2009

Kevin Johnson Diary Entry Day 4

This is a continuance of the heavyweight contender Kevin Johnson's diary as he prepares to face WBC champion Vitali Klitschko on Dec 12th..

“Today is the big day. There is so much to do before traveling to Berne, Switzerland today. I had hoped to get in a little sparring this morning before getting on the plane, but my sparring partners looked like they need a break so I let them off the hook.

“But I did get in a 5K run on the treadmill (it was raining outside), did some calisthenics and shadowboxed for an hour. After that, I got in a 45 minute workout with my personal trainer, then sat down with my manager and trainers to map out the game plan for the next two weeks.

“They are more on edge than I am and I like it like that. I love it when my team is on the exact same page as I am.

“I watched tape of the Lennox Lewis – Vitali Klitschko fight again with my trainers again and it got my juices flowing. I love watching tape of Vitali – something jumps out at my every time that I do. I wish the fight was tonight!

“I spent the morning signing autographs outside the Total Package Gym here in Douglasvile, Georgia, and talked to some fans who showed up to wish me luck before I took off. Also did some local radio – Atlanta Radio – and TV to plug the fight and I am now in the car headed to the airport.

“I’m 12 days away from achieving my goal of becoming the heavyweight champion of the world. It’s so close I can taste it. Stay tuned, I’m going to shock the world!”



  1. just the Ring interview with arreola where he talks a little about his fight with Vitali.

  2. There was a new press conference for Klitschko Johnson fight Dec.7. I could only find still pic's so far on yahoo. If I find the video I'll send it. There's a funny picture with Vitali pointing his finger in Johnson's face like he has done to Vitali. Wonder if it got a bit heated

  3. Ya I seen the still pic too-- and wonder why it hasn't popped up on youtube yet..


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