Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mexican Boxing Greats On Klitschko vs Arreola

Ahead of the WBC heavyweight championship fight this Saturday, September 26th between current WBC champ Vitali Klitschko (37-2, 36 KO) and the WBC #1 contender Chris Arreola(27-0, 24 KOs), a few Mexican boxing greats gave their opinion on how the fight will go including Julio Cesar Chavez, Erik “El Terrible” Morales, Humberto “Chiquita” Gonzalez, Pipino Cuevas, Ruben Olivares, Rafael Ruelas, Gabriel Ruelas, and Carlos Zarate. Here's what they had to say.

Chavez on Klitschko vs Arreola

“It is always good that a fellow countryman tries to accomplish some feat in boxing. If Arreola defeats Klitschko, he will go down in history as one of the big surprises.”

Morales on Klitschko vs Arreola

“It is a real event to Mexican boxing. Moreover if Cristobal wins the title, it will be the cherry on top of the cake in the history of Mexican boxing, as we have had great fighters in almost all the weight divisions, but in this one, which is the most difficult division in boxing, we had never had a great fighter.”

Gonzalez on Klitschko vs Arreola

“We will be paying a lot of attention to what Arreola does against Klitschko. I find it very difficult for Chris to win this bout, however we should not forget he is an undefeated fighter, and he has a hard punch.”

Cuevas on Klitschko vs Arreola

“It is a great opportunity and it should be taken advantage of. I hope Arreola wins. He has a hard punch, and he cannot be ruled out. But the current champion, Klitschko, has more power in his fists than any other fighter. It is a very tough fight for Arreola, but if he wins, all the success will be for him.”

Olivares on Klitschko vs Arreola

“The fact that boxers like Arreola have the opportunity to fight for the WBC World Title is very good, so that we know if he is capable of winning it or not. If Arreola wins, that will have a great impact on boxing, which is what we are waiting for. Arreola must show he has the balls, just like a real Mexican fighter does.”

Rafael Ruelas on Klitschko vs Arreola

“Based on the fights that I’ve seen, I think his chances are very good. He’s a strong-willed indivdual and it takes a lot of willpower and courage to go after a champion. I think that’s a quality he has along with the power in his hands, which will increase his chances tremendously.”

Gabriel Ruelas on Klitschko vs Arreola

“I’ve seen many of their fights and I think Chris has got a very good chance. I think he’s going to surprise Klitschko. He is very, very strong and hits hard. This is a very important fight for the Mexican people because we have never had a heavyweight champion. This would put us further on the map and he knows that, so I think that motivation is going to help him push forward. I believe he’s got a great chance; I do. Not just a good chance, but a great chance!”

Zarate on Klitschko vs Arreola

“It seems to be a difficult bout for Arreola, but taking his record into account, he has probabilities to win, as Klitschko has already fought a lot. If Arreola wins, it will be something shocking. Imagine! The first Mexican to win a heavyweight world title. He could become an idol in Mexico like Raul ‘El Raton” Macias, Ruben ‘El Puas’ Olivares and Julio Cesar Chavez.”


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