Monday, September 21, 2009

Klitschko vs Arreola Prediction

This is my prediction on how the WBC heavyweight championship fight will go this Saturday, September 26th at the Staples Center between current WBC champ Vitali Klitschko and Chris Arreola.

I think Arreola's best chance is to come out guns blazing in hopes to catch Vitali and not worry about running out of energy. I say this because I think any other tactic will be a for sure loss, and it's because of this I see Vitali winning this fight.

If Arreola does come out on fire at the very least if he loses he can show a valiant effort and have the excuse that he wasn't in the best shape possible to go all the rounds etc..

But, I don's see it happening like that, or at least having success at doing it if he does. I think Vitali will control him with his jab and footwork and although Arreola might have the plan to come in and go crazy he will soon become frustrated with getting hit with Vitali's shots and will start to go through the motions.

Vitali will start landing more right crosses by round 4 and by round 6 or 7 I think Arreola will be too tired to mount a proper offense or defense and will start getting hit at almost will. I see this being a TKO stoppage around rounds 7 through 9. That's my prediction what do you think?

Here are some other predictions from boxing fans off of Youtube. Enjoy!

Larry Merchant Prediction...

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  1. Like I said earlier I see a Klitschko Ko in rounds 1-4 and at the most the fifth. I just don't see Arreola landing to many shots to a very evasive Vitali nor can I imagine Arreola having developed well enough head movement to stay fluid in his attack.And if it comes to trading shots which it very well might in the 1st two rounds. I give Vitali the big advantage.For the simple fact of their previous fights. I watched Arreola get hit at almost will by a far less impressive fighter in Walker. And I have just watched the Klitschko vs. Lewis and Sanders fights again; and if he didn't go down after those blows he'll be alright here. I also have a feeling this might be a statement fight towards Haye. To reaffirm to him that he doesn't want any part of these guys


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