Monday, January 16, 2012

Heavyweight Boxing Rankings

Looking for current rankings for heavyweight boxing? This is where you will find up-to-date ratings for the major organizations that do heavyweight rankings including the WBO, WBA, WBC, IBF, IBO and also other ratings through BoxRec & Ring magazine.  See who the Klitschko's are due to fight in the near future.  Just click on the graphic for whichever organization you wish to view the ratings for.

Heavyweight Boxing

EBU: ebu heavyweight rankings IBF: ibf IBO: ibo heavyweight rankings
WBA: wba heavyweight rankings WBC: wbc heavyweight rankings WBO: wbo heavyweight rankings
Ring: ring heavyweight rankings Boxrec: boxrec heavyweight boxing rankings

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  1. So I want to buy the new KLITSCHKO movie, but I'm concerned that it's not in English (at least not all the time)...anyone know if it will be worth it regardless?


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