Friday, October 14, 2011

Klitschko Mormeck Press Conference

Today was the 1st press conference at the ESPRIT arena in Düsseldorf (Germany) for the heavyweight championship fight between current WBO/IBF/IBO/RING and WBA super heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschkko and voluntary challenger and former WBA/WBC cruiserweight champion Jean-Marc Mormeck (France) that will take place on December 10th.

Mormeck Quotes

“I have overcome every challenge I have set myself in the past. I have tried to win every championship belt in the past and now I have the chance to get them. I am strong enough to do it, I am a warrior in the ring.”

Klitschko Quotes

* he added in response to claims made by Mormeck recently...

“I don’t want to give him any chance, I want to destroy him. I might have a glass jaw, but I will knock you out before you even touch it."

Klitschko Mormeck Press Conference Video




Bernd Bönte (KMG Group)

*Reporters ask questions..

*On the field...

**Klitschko interview on the field

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