Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Adamek and Bloodworth Talk Klitschko Fight

Ahead of his WBC title shot on September 10 in Wrocław, Poland, former light heavyweight and cruiserweight world champion Tomasz Adamek (44-1, 28 KOs) and his trainer Roger Bloodworth talk about his training camp and upcoming fight with WBC heavyweight champion Vitaly Klitschko (42-2, 39 KO).

How ready are you to work hard for the next 11-12 weeks?

Tomasz Adamek: Ready. I know what’s at stake. I’m joking that I already did so much work by myself that Tyler, my conditioning specialist and Roger have it too easy…

Roger Bloodworth: Tomek is always in shape. Always. First day of training he was around 220 pounds, so more than I want him to have against Vitali Klitschko. How many fighters can say that? Some people are assuming that it will be a very long training camp but I call it normal – 11, almost 12 weeks. Tomek was rested more than ever, although since his last fight was just two months. Rested mentally and physically. He is interested in all the boxing business, money and so on, but for him it’s really secondary, never overshadows the will to beat the other guy, to get the belt.

Until this year you fought more than any top-level heavyweight in decades, four times a year. Now it will be a more regular, two time affair – you fought against Kevin McBride in April and on September 10 you will have biggest fight of your life – at least as a heavyweight – versus Vitali Klitschko.

Tomasz Adamek: Roger was telling me from the beginning that I need heavyweight experience that my body needs to grow with the additional 20 pounds I’m carrying since my cruiserweight times. It was hard to fight every three months against guys taller and heavier than me by some inches and 30+ pounds but necessary.

Roger Bloodworth: It was what Tomek needed, this is what I believed in from the first day we start working together. Not only experience of fighting big guys, but a natural development of his body. Now he is ready, there’s no more time to wait. Vitali offered Tomek this fight in the best possible moment.

How do you stay focused for such a long time? Are there times when Roger, you manager Zyggi Rozalski or your wife Dorota has to encourage you to get from the bed and start training?

Tomasz Adamek: It never happens and it never will. People who don’t understand what awaits them in boxing ring should never box. I’m working for a goal, working for myself and taking training lightly will be like punching myself in the face for pleasure. In the end, not Roger, Zyggi or my wife Dorota has to go and fight. I do. For the next three weeks I will stay in New Jersey getting in best possible shape, then its Poconos Mountains again. I’m training six days a week – first five days twice a week, one on Saturday.

Roger Bloodworth: We have partnership – I told him the truth and he is telling me the truth, we are in constant two-way conversations. During a training camp you are trying to keep fighter sharp all the time. This is why I never plan ahead what we will do the next day – I see what’s going on, what their attention span is and I’m making a decision what to do next on the spot. It keeps Tomek from getting bored although it never happens with him. I think he genuinely likes to train, and sometimes I have to slow him down. It’s a perfect situation for a trainer, and as you well know from my past, without naming any names, fighters don’t always want to work hard. What I’m saying is that it’s not necessary to have a partnership with a fighter, you do your job as a trainer no matter what, but it helps so much. It’s not lip service, because sometimes trainers are saying stuff just to look good, and the truth is different. Not here.

Not many experts are giving you a chance against Vitali Klitschko but at the same time, they are saying that this is – next to the upcoming Wladimir Klitschko – David Haye bout – best possible fight to be made. Your opinion?

Tomasz Adamek: I know that I’m not a favorite. I never was. If you would look at predictions when I was a light heavyweight, then cruiserweight and heavyweight, people were predicting wrong many of many fights. It did not matter then, it’s not important now. I read somewhere that the best possible fight in the heavyweight division will happen when Haye will lose to Wladimir and I will be defeated by Vitali – two losers fighting each other. Why not two winners?

Roger Bloodworth: This is a job for a journalist – create interest. I’m saying that with all the respect to their job. Of course Tomek is not a favorite and of course I’m aware of the dangers of Adamek fighting Klitschko. I would be an idiot not knowing that. But it doesn’t matter – my role in this business is simple – prepare the fighter to win. Do everything that’s possible to give him the best possible chance. Tomek reads all this stuff, predictions going one way or another. I like it because all this ”you have no chance” builds him up – he’s a warrior. Lesser guys would crumble under pressure; he uses it as a fuel. And it puts all the pressure on Vitali, so I like it. Thank you and congratulations for not asking what Adamek’s tactics for Klitschko will be. September 10 in Wrocław will give all the answers to this question.

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