Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Klitschko Solis Press Conference

Today was the 1st press conference in Cologne, Germany for the WBC heavyweight title fight that will happen March 19th at the Lanxess Arena in Cologne between current champ Vitali Klitschko and #1 WBC mandatory challenger Odlanier Solis.  Check out press conference footage here.

Vitali Klitschko Quotes

“I have great respect for my opponent. But I will prove that the belt belongs to me. I am confident for this fight. My goal is a knockout win.”

“I have fought a lot of strong opponents but I have never been in the ring with an Olympic gold medallist,” said Klitschko. “I expect a very tough and close fight against a very talented young boxer who comes to take the belt from me. I won’t let that happen though. I will show why I am the champion and defend my title.”

Fritz Sdunek Quotes

*Klitschko's trainer

“Solis is a very successful amateur, but still no great boxing opponent.”

Odlanier Solis Quotes

“We will see the best fight of all time.”

When asked about the toughest fight of his life he smiles and says, “What makes you think that this will be my toughest fight? Can you tell me what makes a boxer a strong or superior boxer? So far all guys I fought had two arms and two legs. I would understand your question if I would fight an opponent with three fists for the first time…”

Ahmet ├ľner Quotes

**Solis' promoter

“We will make history and put an end to the era of Klitschko.”

** atacking Klitschko's management...

“Usually the team of the challenger starts with thanking the champion’s team for the opportunity”, Oner said. “I’m sorry that we can’t do it this way this time. The Klitschkos did everything they could to avoid this fight. They tried to sneak out of it over and over again. So we don’t thank them. We had to work very hard to get to this point and we deserved this chance. I want to thank the WBC and president Jose Sulaiman and, of course, I thank RTL because they kept the ‘Klitschko legend’ alive over the last years even though they only fought tomato cans in terribly boring snoozers. We will indemnify the German boxing fans for all the sh*tty Klitschko fights they had to endure over the years with one of the greatest heavyweight bouts ever. To me this is history in the making. It is the first time in history that a Cuban A class heavyweight has left the country to fight for the world championship as a pro. Boxing fans will always argue how Ali would have looked against Stevenson and what would have happened if Tyson and Savon would have fought in their primes. In this generation for the first time we have the chance to see what happens when the best Cuban heavyweight fights the best heavyweight of the rest of the world. I put my money on Cuba.”

Klitschko Solis Press Conference Pictures

**Video showcasing pictures...

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