Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Klitschko Briggs Press Conference

Today was the press conference in Kiev, Ukraine for the WBC heavyweight championship between Vitali Klitschko (40-2, 38 KOs) and former WBO heavyweight champion Shannon Briggs (51-5-1, 45 KOs) ahead of their fight on October 16th at the 02 World in Hamburg, Germany. Ticket information, pictures, and video coming soon!

Vitali Klitschko Quotes

I am very glad that the first press conference is here in Ukraine. Thank you to everyone, to TV channel Inter. I know that many fans want to see the fight between Vitali Klitschko and Nikolay Valuev. I have done the utmost to make this fight take place. I have offered big money, but Valuev called it ‘insignificant.’ I’ve offered the fight for the title WBC, but for him it probably means nothing. Believe me, I am not guilty that he doesn’t want to fight me. Always it is possible to find the reasons why this fight hasn’t taken place. I offered the fight to David Haye, but he is silent, he is afraid to fight me. We thought, who the strongest opponent who can resist me? Peter will fight Wladimir on October 16th, and we have chosen Shannon Briggs. He’s one of the most serious contenders for the world championship. His record of fights demands respect. I know that for me it’s a serious fight. I know that only Vitali Klitschko can beat Vitali Klitschko. I’m very proud to own today the belt which Mike Tyson, Lewis and Ali owned, and I will make sure this belt remaines with me. I will give everything in this fight to come out again the winner.

Shannon Briggs Quotes

I want to begin that I am very happy to be here, in Kiev. Unfortunately, at the airport of Kiev I have found out that they lost my luggage, therefore I to wear what I wore yesterday. I don’t have other clothes. Yesterday went to shop, good shopping, beautiful women. Ukraine is the beautiful country. Many beautiful women. I wanted the Klitschko-Briggs to take place in Ukraine, but we are forced to fight in Germany. I hope that the rematch will be here in Kiev. Once again I want to say thanks to all of you. My dream has come true. Three years ago I planned to leave boxing, seriously considered this after the defeat against Sultan Ibragimov. I weighed 334 pounds. Once in Los Angeles I met Vitali at a restaurant. He has touched me in the stomach and I resolved that I would return. It was not necessary for Klitschko to touch me. I am the former two-time world champion. I beat George Foreman. I have the most first round knockouts in the history of the heavyweight division. I am the first world champion in boxing history with asthma. I’m grateful to Vitali for the opportunity to again sit on the throne.

Bernd Boente Quotes

** Klitschko’s manager

We are very glad to be here at this big press conference. This very big show for us. You know that Wladimir and Vitali Klitschko’s last three fights have taken place at big stadiums to Germany. And we will try to bring a big fight for the Klitschko brothers before the Euro 2012 football championship in Ukraine. We know that in Ukraine the economic situation is not the best, but it gets better every year. And we hope to have a big fight at a football stadium in Kiev or in Donetsk. Vitali is a living legend, one of the few who became a triple world champion. It is assured that he’ll be in the World Boxing Hall of Fame. And he has the biggest percentage of knockouts in the history of heavyweights. But as I told both Vitali and Wladimir, it’s impossible to underestimate Briggs because he’s very dangerous and very strong. He beat George Foreman, Ray Mercer, Siarhei Liakhovich. I warned Vitali that he needs to be very careful in the ring. This fight won’t last twelve rounds. All media are interested in this fight. This fight will be seen live in the USA, Germany, Ukraine, we already know that 93 million spectators will see this fight because it will be broadcast in 110 countries worldwide.

Greg Cohen Quotes

**Briggs' manager

First I want to thank the Klitschko Team for making this fight. We very much respect Vitali and we know that he could have chosen any boxer. He chose Brigss and that is a great honor to us. We’ve been with Shannon from first day of his career. We’ve neem with him through victories and defeats and are glad to fight for a new heavyweight title. I should say that I’ve never seen Briggs so motivated in his entire career. It’s his last chance and we will try to use this opportunity. On October 16th Briggs will be prepared as much as possible to become the world champion. In a ring there are two big men with the big power to sort out who will be the champion. This fight just what the fans have waited for. My company is very happy about this fight and I think that on October 16th, he will show everyone what Shannon Briggs is capable of.

Klitschko Briggs Press Conference Video

*Not the whole press conference

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