Saturday, June 12, 2010

Vitali Klitschko Interview After Sosnowski Fight

This is a interview of the WBC heavyweight champion Vitali Klitschko after his fight with Albert Sosnowski.. This is a translation so it's not perfect.

During the fight I had the impression that you became a bit tired and decided it was "time to finish"

Vitali: Tired? I don't think so. I'm in such good shape I could box even 25 rounds. I wasn't tired. The one who became tired was rather Sosnowski so I decided: "It's time to finish him."

Was it your plan for the fight not to be in a hurry and..

Vitali: Why should I hurry? I had 12 rounds, I was sure that I can finish the fight until the 11th round.

I had an impression it was quite hard for you to enter this fight in the first round.

Vitali: Yes, but it wasn't an easy rival. I want to repeat once more: Sosnowski is a good fighter. NObody becomes the European champion by mistake after all. He's young and win-starved. He did everything to win but it turned out to be insufficient to beat me.

We saw that Sosnowski hit you powerfully in the third, fifth, and eighth rounds. Did you have even one hard moment in the bout?

Vitali: I didn't have any hard moments but the rival was constantly attacking. He has a dangerous punch. He is quite a powerful sportsman. Every one of his blows is menacing and can finish a bout however, I wasn't hit by such a blow.

Today we inquired after your new contract with RTL. What could you say about it?

Vitali: This is a extension of our previous contract.

If you were able to choose your next opponent who would it be: Valuev, Haye?

Vitali: It makes no difference. However, I'd prefer Haye because he has a belt which me and my brother lack.

How probable is the contest against Haye?

Vitali: I'm ready. Haye makes alot of announcements but apart from it, he should know how to enter the ring. He can't decide to enter the ring until now.

What do you think about the future of Sosnowski in the heavyweight division?

Vitali: He showed his character. I'm convinced that he won a lot in this fight despite the defeat. He won fondness of the audience and those people who supported him previously. Everyone can see: he's a serious fighter with an interesting future ahead of him. He can also get more experience. I'm convinced that he'll receive a chance to fight for a world title again.

Recently Don King said that the contest Vitali Klitschko , Nicolai Valuev simply must happen. Do you still believe in it?

Vitali: It's very hard to sit at one table with Don King and negotiate. People are interested in this fight. I would like this battle to happen in the foreseeable future.

Don King signed a contract with Andriy Kotelnik: How could you comment on that?

Vitali: Don King is a shark. I can express only my sympathy for Andriy Kotelnik. He signed a contract.. Do you know the saying about Don King? His hair stand so as to cover his horns. That's why he has this kind of hairstyle. Kotelnik will find out who's the person he signed the contract with.

Does Don King lead Andriy to a slaughter making him fight against Devon Alexander?

Vitali: Let's not look ahead. I can tell you one thing: I don't even know one sportsman who remained happy after the end of a contract with Don King.

Here's the video of the Vitali Klitschko interview...

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  1. I admire the Vitali Klitschko not only for his enormous boxing skills, but also because he is a gentleman both inside and outside of the ring.
    Does not talk trash. Hope he does not retire too soon. Would love to see him kick David Haye's butt.



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